Diggers Early Spring Garden 2016 Magazine

In the early spring issue:

♦ Clive Blazey explains why Australia summer gardens are so disappointing and visits Singapore's stunning Gardens by the Bay.

♦ Tim Sansom introduces us to Arno King and the Subtropical Zone.

♦ Bill Bampton tells us why organic gardening isn't just for food.

Plus Dear Diggers, heirloom tomato speedings, seeds to sow in spring, summer and spring perennials, herbs and essential spring garden hardware.

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Organic gardening not just for food

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Gardens By The Bay (Singapore)

Clive Blazey introduces the wonders of Singapore's Gardens by the Bay

Why are Australian summer gardens so disappointing?

Clive Blazey explains the Australian flower summer garden

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Jelly bean-like rounded foliage makes an outstanding ground cover with the added attraction that its leaves turn a bright red in the heat of summer then revert to bright green again when the days cool down.


Winner of our taste test back in '93- Victorian garden guru Kevin Heinze said it was the best he'd tasted in 50 years! From mislabelled Seed Savers stock it grew to rave reviews around the world. Sweet 3cm fruit produced from January to May. Fruits in 10 weeks from transplant and yields 11kg per plant. DESPATCHED FROM THE 28TH OCTOBER


A spectacular tower of dark pink flower emerges from a silver rosette during its second year. Another of the Canary Island Echiums, this one makes a real statement in our garden at Heronswood in spring. Needs well drained soil, and dies after flowering, but it is worth it for the show..
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Old World Rose Collection
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The Two Muscatels Grape Collection
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