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We believe that everyone can have a garden that is not only productive, but beautiful as well. For 40 years we have worked to find the best plants for Australian gardens. As a Diggers Club member, you'll be given all the help you need to succeed in the garden. 

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Special 2 year membership offer - Free Spring Vegie Seed Pack When You Join!
Join The Diggers Club today for two years and you'll receive 4 free packets of some of our best heirloom vegetable seeds to get your garden growing; Beetroot 'Bulls Blood', Carrot 'Purple Dragon', Broccoli 'Romanesco' and Silverbeet '5 Colour mix'. You'll also receive our 'Welcome to the Club' gift pack of 2 free packets of seeds, the current Diggers magazine as well as a copy of the Seed Annual; a complete list of our heirloom vegetable seeds and cottage flowers.

Jobs to do in February

Pest Watch

Be vigilant. Pests are out in full force now and caterpillars are making the most of organic crops. Spray with Dipel or protect crops with exclusion netting.

Water wisely

Our land of droughts and flooding rains has never been more true than this year. Concentrate watering on new plants, vegetable and fruiting crops. Water spikes can help to direct water where it is needed most.

Plan your autumn vegie patch

As summer crops come to an end, it’s time to plan your autumn vegie garden. Compost green waste from summer crops past their best and improve soil with rockdust, biochar and composted manure, ready for planting next month.

Summer Garden Magazine Out Now!

In this Summer edition we cover drought-tolerant plants, spring-flowering bulbs and our experts delve into global warming and potential solutions.
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♦ Spring flowering bulbs 

♦ Drought tolerant ground covers
♦ One drip edibles 

The Diggers Foundation

Clive and Penny Blazey, founders of The Diggers Club, gifted ownership of their highly successful garden company, along with family-owned properties Heronswood and St Erth, to The Diggers Foundation (formerly the Diggers Garden and Environment Trust) in 2011.

“We established The Diggers Foundation to ensure that the work we’ve done over more than 30 years in preserving historic gardens and houses as well as the best garden traditions through education will continue forever,” said Clive.

The Foundation strives to conserve historic gardens, buildings and cultural heritage and to protect heirloom seeds and our Vision is:

“To encourage and inspire gardeners to create beautiful and productive gardens for a sustainable future.”

Visit The Diggers Foundation website


We were delighted that Gardening Australia chose to throw their televised 30th birthday party at our beautiful Heronswood House and Garden. Check out ABC TV’s iView for the full 90 minute special.
Happy 30th Birthday GA.

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Upcoming Festivals

Join us at one of our upcoming festivals, with something for everyone and workshops & masterclasses a plenty.
Cloudehill Festival Of Flowers - March 2 - 3
Heronswood Harvest Festival - March 9 - 10
Adelaide Heirloom Weekend April 6 - 7

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New summer garden magazine out now!

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2019 Gardening Diary
2019 Gardening Diary
SPECIAL - LAST REMAINING STOCK!! This beautiful 2019 diary captures the essence of all things heritage with a week to a page, a monthly list of seeds to sow, seasonal advice, room for your plant labels, and there's also blank pages for your own seasonal observations and garden notes. Starting December 2018, this beautifully illustrated diary wil...
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Donated to Diggers by Cheryl Dingle, a Diggers member in central Victoria. Cheryl's tree came from a cutting from a farm in Alexandra. The tree was reported to have been brought into Australia by a Spanish/Italian (not sure which) immigrant in the late 1800's. The distinctive heart-shaped leaf meant that Cheryl called it 'The Heart Fig' and desc...
Member $19.95
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Membership: MNE2VS
Join The Diggers Club for 2 years for $79, just $39.50 per year and you'll receive a FREE Vegetable Seed Collection which includes 1 packet each of Beetroot Bulls Blood, Carrot Purple Dragon, Broccoli Romanesco and Silverbeet 5 Colour mix. The normal price for this collection is $23.75. You'll also receive our 'Welcome to the Club'gift of 2 more...
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