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Growing your own food and creating your own beautiful garden has never been easier! The Diggers Club is Australia's largest garden club with the biggest range of heirloom seeds & plants and the best garden advice. Join today and receive 6 magazines per year, free garden entry, member discounts on all products, 8 free packets of seed per year and much more. 

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Apply mulch to garden beds

With summer just around the corner, now is the time to mulch garden beds to conserve soil moisture over the drier months to come. A layer of about 8-10cm is generally ideal for most beds.

Keep an eye out for bugs

Pests love to feed on the lush spring growth so at this time of year be ready to act. Aphids are attracted to new growth and can spread diseases from one plant to another. Treat them with a chilli and garlic remedy, soapy water or leave them to the Lady Bugs! You can also use Eco-Neem - an organic oil spray for insects.

Net fruit trees

Fruit trees will be pollinated and it's now time to protect your harvest. Always use a fine white mesh and tie tightly so that the netting is firm. This keeps birds out but doesn't allow them to get caught in the mesh.


Berries are such a treat of the summer garden, with strawberries the most popular berry for backyard gardeners.

Strawberries are fruiting now, and this will continue into autumn, depending on variety. Strawberries are undeniably one of the simplest berry crops to grow and are suitable for gardens of all sizes, even balconies.

Grown in towers, strawberry pots, hanging baskets, windowboxes and, of course, strawberry garden beds, strawberries are best grown in full sun in an enriched soil or premium potting mix. 

Water regularly, but if growing in soil, plant on a mound or to ensure adequate drainage and space plants around 30cm apart. Protect from pests, including birds.

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2019 Festive Garden Magazine Out Now

The 2019 festive magazine is brimming with Christmas gifts & plants a-like for every avid gardener, other highlights include:

♦ Summer flowering perennials.
♦ Kitchen Garden Herbs for summer.
♦ Autumn Flowering Bulbs.
♦ Gifts for the garden shed.
♦ Little Diggers or for the backyard farmer and so much more, shop our gifts page now!

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The Diggers Foundation

Clive and Penny Blazey, founders of The Diggers Club, gifted ownership of their highly successful garden company, along with family-owned properties Heronswood and St Erth, to The Diggers Foundation (formerly the Diggers Garden and Environment Trust) in 2011.

“We established The Diggers Foundation to ensure that the work we’ve done over more than 30 years in preserving historic gardens and houses as well as the best garden traditions through education will continue forever,” said Clive.

The Foundation strives to conserve historic gardens, buildings and cultural heritage and to protect heirloom seeds and our Vision is:

“To encourage and inspire gardeners to create beautiful and productive gardens for a sustainable future.”

Visit The Diggers Foundation website

Members Spring free seed offer!

Diggers members free seed offer is a great opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasures of growing from seed, and try new varieties. Choose between one of two collections or four individual packets from our special selection.

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Get a free 2020 Calendar with every Gift Membership

Gift a Diggers membership this Christmas and you’ll receive a free 2020 Diggers Harvest Calendar, valued at 19.95.  With memberships starting at just $59, it’s the best gift for a budding gardener!

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An Afternoon With Clive Blazey

As part of the inaugural Grow It Local Festival, The Diggers Club team are coming to Sydney. Join the founder of The Diggers Club and the Diggers Foundation, Clive Blazey for an intimate afternoon talking seeds and food security at Pocket City Farms.

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Shop Our Christmas gifts catalogue

Browse Diggers wonderful Christmas selections, with something for everyone and every level of gardener!

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Heirloom seed Annual Out Now

Diggers Seed Annual – the most comprehensive seed catalogue in Australia is out now! Brimming with open-pollinated heirloom seeds to sow in every season and a whole lot more. The annual is the ultimate sowing and growing reference guide no matter where you live, you’ll find the right seeds for your soil.

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With so many amazing varieties to choose from, why stop at one? Diggers have an exciting range to choose from to get your garden looking its best year-round!

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A cushion kneeler made with memory foam and covered with a washable material. Lightweight and easy to carry, the generous size and contouring allows you to work in cushioned comfort in the garden for prolonged periods.
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Verbena bonariensis & Fountain Grass Duo
Verbena bonariensis & Fountain Grass Duo
Two beautiful perennials for the back of the border, Chinese fountain grassadds height and architecture while the Verbena bonariensis adds colour and is a good match with almost any perennial. 3 pots of each.
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