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We believe that everyone can have a garden that is not only productive, but beautiful as well. For over 35 years we have worked to find the best plants for Australian gardens. As a Diggers Club member, you'll be given all the help you need to succeed in the garden. 

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If you care about where your food comes from and want the best for your family then join the club here now for 2 years or here for 5 years with this special offer!  Receive 5 packets of vegetable seeds to get your garden growing; Tomato Tigerella, Bean Italian Romano, Cucumber Spacemaster, Beetroot Globe and Zucchini Tri Colour Mix plus all the other club benefits- 8 garden magazines a year, access personalised garden advice, members discounts and take part in seasonal free offers. 

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Spring - The Season To Sow!

The weather is warming up and so is the soil, bringing our best season for 'sowing your own'! Don't wait until the horse has bolted, it is time to order your heirloom vegie seeds and clear your greenhouse or windowsill to get them started. Find out which seeds to sow now in your part of Australia and don't forget flowers! Without them we lose our bees (try our Wildflowers for Bees Collection) & beneficial insects (there is a collection for them too). Our kitchen Gardener at Heronswood is excited to see our tastiest heirloom tomato seeds already popping up, see this instagram post here, Don't forget to make sure your tools are up to scratch and you have all the supplies you need, find everything we suggest for the heirloom gardener here.

Diggers Garden and Environment Trust

Clive and Penny Blazey, founders of the Diggers Club, gifted ownership of their highly successful garden company along with family-owned properties Heronswood and St Erth to the Diggers Garden and Environment Trust in 2011.

“We established the Diggers Garden and Environment Trust to ensure that the work we’ve done over more than 30 years in preserving historic gardens and houses as well as the best garden traditions through education will continue forever,” said Clive.

The Trust strives to conserve historic gardens, buildings and cultural heritage and to protect heirloom seeds.

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Green is the new black! The Green and Black Tomato is EXCLUSIVE to The Diggers Club and Australia and is only available to members free with orders over $89. Bred by Tom Wagner this 'modern heirloom' has a black skin, olive green flesh and outstanding flavour for a late harvest.  In short it is a little bit special. 

Our 38th Seed Annual has every heirloom seed you need, follow these shortcuts to begin your heirloom adventure and help to preserve heirlooms at the same time!

♦ The tastiest heirloom tomatoes

♦ Diggers heirloom legends

♦ Legends of Italian cuisine

♦ Favourite Australian heirlooms

♦ Vegetable seeds A-Z

♦ Flowers for a spring garden

♦ Flowers for a summer garden

♦ Cottage flowers 

♦ Flowers for good bugs


Come and join us at the Inaugural Botanic and Rare Plant Fair will take place on 22nd and 23rd of October 2016 at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. Presented by The Diggers Club, The Friends of The Botanic Gardens and The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.

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