Pot sizes of plants

The plants we send you in the mail are grown in our tall narrow pots, specifically designed to travel well in the post whilst maintaining a well-formed root system so they will transplant well into your garden.

Different sized pots are used for different type plants. The size of the pot is listed for each pant we sell on our website and in our magazines, so you know what to expect when it arrives. 


Pot Size  Description
Speeding These 3–6 week old plugs (around 50-60mm deep, 15–20mm wide) are the easiest way to establish seedlings. Shipped in a recyclable moisture-retaining blister pack. See first pot below.
Midi Pot 95mm deep, 68mm wide, 0.2L pots for 3–4 month old plants, mostly perennials and herbs, which will grow to the size of a 6 inch pot in 8-10 weeks. See second pot below.
Super Tube 160mm deep, 70mm wide, 0.55L pots for 5–6 month old plants, mostly shrubs and fruiting plants. See third pot below.
Tree Pot 180mm deep, 90mm wide, 0.8L pots for 8–12 month old plants, mostly ornamental trees and fruit trees. Bare Root Dormant roots are packaged securely in sawdust. See fourth pot below.
Bare root potted Dormant young plants that are yet to grow new roots in their pots. Loose potting prevents the roots drying out until ready for planting. Pot sizes will vary.
Grow tube A biodegradable fabric pot to aid in the speedy establishment of plants.