Seeds to sow now

We've created five distinct seed sowing regions based on seasonal temperatures and rainfall, so you can easily identify the right time to sow vegetable and flower seeds based on where you live. 

In every region, other than the cool region, there are enough growing weeks available for all varieties. This means as long as you sow the seeds in the months recommended, there will be enough growing time available to reach harvest stage. However if you live in the Cool climate area, this isn't always the case and gardeners need to pay particular attention to the growing weeks available to ensure success. Learn more about growing weeks

Cool Region

Cool climate areas typically have less than 5 months per year with average temperatures above 15°C and include Melbourne, Tasmania, Bendigo, Ballarat, Canberra and Armadale. 

Warm Region

Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, inland NSW and parts of Melbourne are in the warm region and typically have between 21 and 38 weeks a year above 15°C.

Hot Region

Usually 39 weeks a year or more with temperatures over 15°C. Geraldton, Warburton, Mt Isa and Longreach are within the hot region.

Subtropical Region

Byron Bay, Brisbane and Rockhampton, or places where there are 42-46 weeks a year or more with temperatures over 15°C and high summer rainfall. 

Tropical Region

Broome, Darwin and Townsville, or places where there are 47+ weeks a year or more with temperatures over 15°C and high summer rainfall.

How to select the right plants

At Diggers, we've develop two different climate maps - one for growing seeds (as outlined on this page), and another to determine which plants will successfully grow and thrive in your area. Learn more about selecting the right plants for your climate area