Tomato Festival - Sunday

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Your Masterclass

Diggers are celebrating our 30th Year of the Heirloom tomato taste-test!

Diggers love a good taste-test! Our taste tests are conducted methodically, during different phases of the plant’s development and maturity, set against criteria such as taste, texture and appearance. We’ve been taste-testing for 30 years and we know our tomatoes!

Tomato celebration
To commemorate this inaugural occasion, we’ve designed a special two-day event to celebrate the glorious tomato!
Our bumper all-day program includes:

  • Workshops with celebrity gardeners to learn all about tomatoes from growing the perfect tomato to late season tomato tricks and tips.
  • Join the fun of partaking in the Diggers 30th year tomato taste-test and enjoy sampling our succulent, aromatic and flavourful heirloom tomato range. Which tomato will win? We’ll let you be the judge!
  • Enjoy a scrumptious tomato-based picnic-box lunch on the pool lawn.

Tickets are strictly limited so don’t miss out on this historically significant event!

We will have our roaming videographer and photographer capturing footage of the event.
If you do not wish to be filmed, please notify them on the day.

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Sunday's Program

Phil Dudman: Grow the perfect tomato from seed to harvest!

It’s a well-known fact – you can’t beat a naturally ripened homegrown tomato for flavour and texture. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a bourgeoning green thumb, this workshop will elevate your tomato growing skills to new heights! It will take you through the most important steps to tomato growing success, from selecting varieties and sowing seed to preparing soil, feeding plants and protecting your precious harvest from pests organically. You’ll also explore a range of tomato training options, how to construct different frames to support your plants and a whole lot of other tips, tricks, and techniques for a bountiful harvest.

Your Presenter

Phil Dudman is the Horticultural Editor of ABC Organic Gardener magazine, a gardening talkback host on ABC Radio, TV presenter and author for ABC Books. He is also a popular speaker at events across the country, regarded for his informative and entertaining presentations and down-to-earth gardening approach.

Born and bred in Brisbane, Phil earned his gardening stripes studying horticulture at Grovely TAFE and working as a landscape gardener and designer across Brisbane. He also worked in retail garden centres, managed resort landscapes and lectured in horticulture at TAFE.

His true passion is for growing food and promoting the health and environmental benefits of organic gardening. He has written three books, published with ABC Books and Harper Collins, ‘Garden Guru – Top Tips from Australian Gardeners’ Volumes I & II, and ‘Down-to-Earth Garden Design – How to Design and Build your Dream Garden’.

These days, Phil lives in Lismore, northern NSW where he presents ‘Good Gardening’ on ABC North Coast radio, now in its 21st year. He gardens on an average size suburban block which has been designed using permaculture principles to maximise food production and nurture a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

Lunch Break

Lunch box included to enjoy as a picnic on the pool lawn.

Diggers 30th Year Tomato Taste-Test

Join in the fun of the Diggers 30th Year Tomato taste-test with Sophie Thomson, Phil Dudman and Diggers CEO, Tim Sansom.

Enjoy sampling our delicious heirloom tomato range, testing against a standard and supermarket variety, marking off your selections according to taste, texture, and appearance. We’ll gather the information and by the end of the Festival, your nominations will be drawn to decide the Diggers tomato taste-test winner of 2024!

Sophie Thomson: Fall in love with your soil and your tomatoes will love you too

Are you ready to grow the juiciest, tastiest tomatoes ever? Then you need to fall in love with your soil, as the quality of your soil directly impacts the quality of your crops. Join well known gardening media personality Sophie Thomson's masterclass to learn more about your soil and why you should love it and shower it with compost and organic matter, nutrients, and life to reward you with abundant tomato success! The knowledge you gain from this masterclass will also apply to anything you want to grow.

Your Presenter

Sophie Thomson is an Australian horticulturist, author and television and radio personality from Adelaide. Sophie is a presenter on ABC’s Gardening Australia and an ABC radio talk back host with extensive media experience.

She writes for major newspapers and magazines and authors books on gardening. With over 35 years hands on experience, Sophie now believes that aside from the obvious environmental benefits, gardening improves our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing as well as that of the broader community.

Sophie lives at Sophie’s Patch – a three-acre property in the Adelaide Hills. Over the last 11 years the Patch now includes numerous contained spaces as well as a fully productive organic vegie patch, more than 100 fruit and nut trees.

Sophie is known for her resilience, environmental outlook, infectious enthusiasm, vitality, and love of sustainable gardening.

The Location

Heronswood is the home of The Diggers Foundation, a living catalogue of garden treasures showcasing all that can be found in Diggers Club magazines and books.

At the heart of Heronswood is a cottage garden of meandering paths and lawns, seamlessly combining edible and ornamental plantings. Australia’s first certified organic open garden, it is the place to learn about sustainable practices and the preservation of heirloom flowers and vegetables.

A working garden for gardeners, with new projects always on the go and ideas to take home to your patch. Heronswood delights throughout the changing seasons, with the warmer summer months bringing the stunning perennials into full show.

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Tomato Festival - Sunday

3 March 2024

Heronswood (Dromana)

Sunday 10am - 3pm

Limited tickets, don't miss out.

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