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To grow a plant from seed is to celebrate the wonder of nature and the essence of gardening and growing heirloom seeds provides a connection to our gardening and culinary heritage as well as preserving these living treasures, free from commercial interests, for future generations. 

So, the more people actively growing from seed, the better chance we have of preserving this precious heritage so we are setting ourselves the target of donating one million seeds to community groups across Australia – and you can help us get there. 

For every new membership or renewal of an existing membership to The Diggers Club, we will donate a packet of heirloom seeds into our community pool so we can assist garden groups, schools and community organisations across Australia to ‘seedthefuture’.

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Seed the future

The Diggers Foundation through support of The Diggers Club members, will donate one million seed to communities across Australia.

The Diggers Club focuses on providing practical knowledge to the educated and engaged gardener.  

With our mission to inspire all people to garden, we have developed a program through The Diggers Foundation that enables all in our community to have the opportunity to be inspired and learn about sustainability. 

Community Programs

Seed Saver Trial Garden

Seeds are meticulously sown, trialled and monitored to ensure suitability to our climate, stringent quality, and performance standards.

We receive seed donations from home gardeners across Australia and we treasure their family heirlooms as if they were our own. When a seed arrives with us we put them through a rigorous process to ensure they will perform for home gardeners. First, we grow any ‘new’ introduction for one season to check that it produces a stable and recognisable harvest and that this is an accurate representation of the variety. Once we are confident that a variety is what we think it is we set about producing a seed crop to add to our collection.

Growing vegetables and flowers for seed is slightly different to growing for a crop to harvest for the table or vase. For seed production we must first understand how the species pollinates and how to ensure we get true seed for the next generation. For wind-pollinated crops such as corn, this means that we have to ensure we are only growing a single variety within a 2km radius whilst for cucurbits (zucchinis and pumpkins) we use hand-pollination and insect proof netting for pollen isolation. 

All the seed we grow ourselves are carefully hand processed to maximize yield and to ensure viability. We undertake germination testing, and all our seed is stored in a dry-conditioned environment for preservation.


Diggers Seed Preservation Garden

A living reserve of genetic diversity preserved through the growing of seed production crops and demonstrating the traditional methods of seed saving, empowering visitors to be inspired and become the seed savers of the future ensuring the preservation of precious heirlooms seeds.

Our seed preservation program is focused on delivering lifetime learning. Starting with the young and moving to the young at heart, we explore the lifecycle of a seed and its journey through to a mature plant that then sets fruit and seed for the next generation. 

The program is designed to stimulate interest and value in each seed and the elements that it requires to reach its full potential. We also cover how to safely harvest and store seeds to maximise viability so we can help ensure the success of future gardeners. 


Primary School Program 

Through a community partnership between The Diggers Foundation, The Botanical Gardens Victoria (Melbourne and Cranbourne) and Ardoch Youth Foundationwe have developed ‘The Lifecycle of a Seed’ program. 

Ardoch is a children’s education charity focused on improving educational outcomes for children and young people in disadvantaged communities. 

This program will enable schools to bring young people to our gardens for a STEM experience whereby they are compared to a seed with the potential to grow provided the right conditions are provided, it is a hands-on experience planting and learning how to preserve seeds so they can return to their classrooms and backyards and create a kitchen garden. 

A mindfulness exercise is incorporated to connect children to nature and strengthen their resilience – much like a tree that has weathered numerous storms.


High School Program

The concept and reality of climate change is daunting for adults, let alone kids. 

The Diggers Foundation is partnering with Grassroots Sustainability to deliver a  Farm My School  program that is all about educating to maximise behaviour change for a healthier environment and a brighter future. 

The aim is to educate and inspire people of all ages through fun, engaging and interactive activities which are bound to change the way people live their everyday life.


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