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All it takes is a little bit of planning to be harvesting your own food, surrounded by beautiful flowers!

We are often asked "When do I sow my vegetable and flower seeds?" We have made it easy by listing seeds to sow each month to ensure you have the most successful garden you can. What seeds to sow when is guided by your climate and soil temperature so, in conjunction with the Bureau of Meteorology, we have devised Australian climate zones to guide you.

You can find your Growing Zone on our map here.

Once you know which climate zone you are in, simply choose your zone below for a great range of seeds you can sow right now!

Cool Zone Seeds

Seeds to sow this month if you live in areas like Tasmania, Bendigo, Ballarat, Canberra, Orange and Armidale or places that have less than 5 months a year with temperatures over 15°C.

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Warm Zone Seeds

Seeds to sow this month if you live in areas like Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and inland NSW or places that have between 21 and 38 weeks a year above 15°C.

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Hot Zone Seeds

Seeds to sow now if you live in areas like Darwin, Broome, Mt Isa and Longreach or places where there are 39 weeks a year or more with temperatures over 15°C.

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Subtropical Zone Seeds

Seeds to sow now if you live in areas like Brisbane, Byron Bay, Mackay and Cairns or places that have at least 21 weeks a year with temperatures over 15°C and high summer rainfall.

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Watch our seed sowing video to get started

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Our mission is to help Australian gardeners grow flowers and food organically by offering the best products, authoritive information and advice for our climates and conditions.

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Why timing is important in seed sowing

Temperature to germinate

Different types of seeds respond to different growing conditions and are best sown at the optimum time. For example, capsicum seeds will only germinate when the soil temperature is no lower than 15ºC but spinach seed will germinate at a minimum of 5ºC. 

Time to harvest

Seeds need to be sown at the correct time to allow the plant to go through its growing cycle in the best possible conditions. For example, snow peas need roughly 9 weeks before they can be harvested. The flowers are very sensitive to heat so the seeds must be sown in time to flower and produce peas before the weather warms up. 

Seed Sowing Posters

Our Seed Sowing Guides are a fun and colourful reminder of what seed to sow each month. With an A to Z listing of vegetables and popular herbs, these A2 posters also show you how far apart to sow your seeds and the weeks to harvest each variety. Currently available for the Cool, Warm and Hot Growing Zones. 

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