Question about your order? See our COVID 19 Update here. Online orders are currently only open to members only. Orders are taking up to 3 weeks to despatch based on current reduced-workplace COVID restrictions.

Question about your order? See our COVID 19 Update here. Online orders are currently only open to members only. Orders are taking up to 3 weeks to despatch based on current reduced-workplace COVID restrictions.

The show must go on!

The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2020 was one of the earliest events to fall casualty to COVID, however our dedicated events team pushed on and built our display remotely.

Explore the garden with our Horticulturists, learn more about our chosen plant pallet and hear about the basic design principles we used when deciding on the composition.  

Summer Flowering Perennials

Join our ornamental category manager Jac as she runs through some of the beautiful diggers selections featured in our perennial garden for the Diggers display garden.

Download our guide to creating your own at home Perennial border!

Crops to grow and sow!

Join our Edible category manager Marcelle as she runs through some of our divine selections that you can be sowing right now.

Download our seed sowing guide here to get your bumper winter harvest started 

Design With Height

When planning to make a coherent perennial garden, arguably the most important facet of essential garden design to consider is the height of the mature plant. Consider the final look, how the height of the different perennials will mesh and relate to its neighbouring plants in the garden bed.


Container Gardening

Gardening in small spaces can be achieved by growing in pots and containers. Even a sunny balcony can be big enough to produce some of your own tasty produce. In this video we show you some of the varieties best suited to container gardens.

The importance of colour schemes.

Cooling colour palette 

If your keen to create a perennial garden with a sense of coherence, colour is an essential tool. Our summer flowering perennial borders utilise a palette of plants with predominately ‘cool’ pastel shades in both the flowers and foliage. As a summer garden, this provides a cooling and calming sense in the garden during the long hot days in comparison to suing the warmer colours of bright reds and oranges. The confident use of a colour scheme knits the garden together, so these individual varieties appear that they indeed naturally belong together. 

Key points

  • Pastel  colors are cooling for the Australian summer
  • Be decisive on a colour palette and use with confidence in repetition. 

Companion Planting

Flowers are an important feature of any vegetable garden in protecting your crops from pests and encouraging beneficial insects. Here we pick out a few companion heroes of the productive patch. 

Perennial Plant Forms

When building a perennial garden, there are a range of design principles to play with and explore, plant form being one of the most artistic. Perennials are fantastic in the proud and solid plant forms. Form refers to the shape of the plant,  the mass of foliage, stems and flowers, held above the soil. There are distinctive groups to combine and experiment with to provide contrast and interest from the different shapes and texture in the garden. Airy and see through forms provide a particular service in blending the garden with fore and backgrounds as you look through them.

Food Cubes

Biofilta partnered with us in our display garden to show how much food can be produced in a small space using their wicking bed system. Our other show partner FormBoss Steel Garden Edging created the cladding to make these food cubes not just practical but beautiful too. 

Beauty & Benefits

Summer flowering perennials go beyond to providing a long season of beauty in the garden. These long flowering plants offer a bounty of cutting material to bring flowers inside for vases. The long flowering period of these perennials also makes for excellent foraging for bees and other pollinators and a wonderous habitat for beneficial insects in the garden, which can prey on the insect pests. The ultimate ecological service happening subtly for our vegetable patches.  

Preserving Harvested Crops

There are many ways you can preserve the glut of produce harvested through a successful season. Our show partner Fowlers are experts in storing and preserving and here Marcelle discusses the best way to harvest pumpkins for long storage.

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How to grow From seed

Growing from seed can be a daunting prospect, but with some of our simple and easy tricks, you will be on your way to creating a productive and bountiful garden for winter!
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