How to plant bare root roses

Follow our simple step by step guide on planting your bare root roses

Step 1.
Prepare the hole 

Prepare the soil by incorporating well-rotted compost

Dig a hole at least 30-40cm wide and at least a spade depth deep

Step 2.
Check the hole depth

Backfill a small mound of soil into the centre of the hole. This will be where the stem of the bare root plant sits, and the roots can spread out easily around

Make sure the graft (if present) sits above the soil. Your rose should be planted at the same height as it was in the ground. Check for soil marks on the stem.

Step 3.
Backfill with mulch

Using the enriched soil, backfill, firming the soil down as you go

Water before applying mulch

Apply an organic mulch around 7cm deep, keeping the mulch away from the stem