Diggers Winter Garden 2017 Magazine

In this issue:

♦ Clive Blazey explains why trees are the most important element in any garden, particularly in small spaces.

♦ We look at the best fire-retardant trees and why mycorrhizal fungi is so beneficial to tree growth.

♦ Peter Marshall gives his forthright view on the National Arboretum in Canberra.

Plus we visit the Dapto community farm, we discover Pine Trees from the time of Gondwana, and we bring you the best range of treesrosesnutsgrapesavocados and potatoes.

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Clive Blazey explains why trees are the most important element in any garden, particularly in small spaces

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Similar to its coastal cousin the Norfolk Island Pine, Diggers has chosen the Cook Island Pine for its bushier growth habit. Its dense foliage, conical shape and distinctive flaky bark set it apart from other forms of pines. Able to grow in most positions this tree is well worth adding to any garden.


There are few trees as impressive as a fully grown Bunya pine! Native to the rainforests of Australia, they are frost tolerant and bear 15kg cones encapsulating edible seeds.
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