Diggers Winter Garden 2015 Magazine

In this issue:

♦ Bill Bampton, the head gardener at Heronswood, explains why tree planting needs to start on a massive scale.

♦ Marcus Ryan talks about heirloom fruits, and why modern fruits have lost their soul.
♦ Hugh Hunkin holds a Q&A on soils.

♦ Clive Blazey asks "Is your suburb planted with the wrong shade trees?"

Plus Julia Werren explains how gardening anchors her from the chaos of modern life, Marcus Ryan introduces the Persian rose, Dear Diggers, potatoes, berries, citrus and heirloom fruit.

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Q&A - Soils

Hugh Hunkin answers your questions about soils and why they are at the root of most gardening problems

Trees Are Vital For Cooling Our Cities

Bill Bampton explains why tree planting needs to start on a massive scale

The Persian Rose

Marcus Ryan visits Shropshire to explore the creation of new roses from the desert

Heirloom Fruit

Marcus Ryan explains why fruit doesn't taste as good as it used to

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This is the fastest-growing citrus. Tough enough to be a street tree along the Mediterranean coast where its bright fruit cheer up a winter's day. The handsome shape, dark foliage and sweetly-scented flowers make a tough and attractive hedge or a fine garden specimen. That's enough to earn a place in any Australian garden, but the clincher is the much sought-after fruit! For those who know their marmalades, this is THE orange for making marmalade!
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