Formal Gardens

There's always a place for a little formality - how to achieve an attractive formal garden style

An attractive formal garden style can be achieved with lineal plantings of a single tree species and underplanting with mound forming perennials. Here we have planted an 'avenue' of Ficus hillii and underplanted with lavenders and echiums. A similar effect can also be achieved on a smaller scale.

Formal garden styles can also be achieved with topiary and hedging. Here we have planted Maiden Hair Vine (Muehlenbeckia complexa) on topiary frames and underplanted with Cotton Lavender (Santolina chamaecyparissus) and Cretan Thyme (Thymus longicaulis subs. chaubardii).


Cottage Garden Creations

Creating a traditional garden, using the best untampered heritage plants and flowers

Heirloom Vegie Gardens

Heirlooms are a gardeners inheritance, giving us the control over the taste, quality and diversity of our food and gardens

Soft Succulent Gardens

Create a drought -tolerant garden with form and foliage that lasts all year round

Summer Gardens

The greatest weakness in Australian gardens is our focus on spring, when summer is when we really have time to enjoy it

Tropical Garden Effects

For a hint of the tropics in southern Australia
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The Two Muscatels Grape Collection
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2yr membership +FREE vegie seeds
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