Starting your own vegie garden

We've selected varieties to maximise your harvest in small spaces.

Starting your own vegie garden

The Diggers Club has been rescuing and preserving heirloom vegetable selections for Australian gardeners for 30 years.

Plan for success

Our handy guide below sets out what to plant, when to plant and how many plants you need, so that you can grow your own delicious summer heirloom vegetables from tried and tested heirloom seedling varieties at home.

Based on five 1m x 1m beds/boxes, you can set it out exactly as shown, or take the planting combinations and apply them to your own garden beds.

We have separated the beds into groups of plants that have the same growing and watering requirements to make growing them a breeze.

We've also suggested our favourite vegetable varieties that produce a great harvest, or choose the varieties you like best and swap them into the plan instead.

Prepare your soil

Get your soil ready by weeding and digging over, preferably incorporating some well-rotted compost and a sprinkle of Vegie & Herb Fertiliser.

Plant our your seedlings

All annual vegetables and flowers need sun to perform at their best. Pick a spot that gets at least 6 hours of direct sunshine per day.

Try to rotate your beds each season and rotate your crops each year by growing an above ground crop followed by a below ground (root) crop.

Handling your seedlings

Handle by the leaves as much as possible, to avoid disturbing the delicate root-ball. A quick dunk in a seaweed solution will help the seedlings settle.


After dunking the seedling make a hole slightly larger than the root ball. Don't plant too deep. It should be at the same level in the soil level, as it was in the pot. Firm the soil around the plant and create a slight dish-shaped depression about 10cm across.


Water gently. A cup or two is fine. Water regularly, and more frequently as the weather warms up and the plants grow.

Download our Autumn and Winter plan

Download our Spring and Summer plan