Indeterminate and Determinate Potatoes

What is the difference between Indeterminate and Determinate Potatoes?

Indeterminate and Determinate Potatoes

 Indeterminate Potatoes

Indeterminate potatoes produce their crop along their growing stem, just like tomatoes, but below the soil; needing the developing stems to be covered periodically to produce a bumper crop. 

Determinate Potatoes

Determinate potatoes grow to a set height and produce a reliable crop of tubers without the need for covering their developing stem.

Watch Ryan explain the difference between Indeterminate and Determinate Potatoes?

Here we are in June, the perfect time to start getting organized for planting your upcoming potato crops.

Diggers offers a range of potatoes so different textures and different cooking uses, but also indeterminate and determinate varieties so if you're growing in a wicking bed or in a container you probably want to grow a determinant variety, they grow down not up you don't need to continue to heal up the growth as it continues to grow.

Indeterminate varieties do continue to grow above the soil and you keep covering those stems up leaving a bit of green and you'll get more potatoes growing off those stems and very high yields.