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Located on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Heronswood Gardens, Nursery and Restaurant offer an idyllic location to escape the crowds, relax and shop for a huge range of plants, heirloom seeds and garden hardware.

Heronswood Gardens are the home of The Diggers Club and showcase the best flowers and plants for Australian conditions. The gardens change throughout the year and peak in summer with wonderful planting combinations of summer perennials and heirloom vegetables.

The Diggers Garden Shop has a wide range of plants on offer and specialises in Diggers signature heirloom seeds, cottage flowers and edible plants that are complemented by a range of flowering shrubs and cool climate trees.

Dine at Heronswood restaurant, located within the historic Heronswood House on vegetables and fruits grown in our gardens and local Peninsula produce.

Diggers Garden and Environment Trust

In 2011, Clive and Penny Blazey gifted ownership of The Diggers Club and the gardens of Heronswood and St Erth to the Diggers Garden and Environment Trust.

The Trust strives to convserve historic gardens, buildings and cultural heritage and to protect heirloom seeds using research and education.

Contact Heronswood

Heronswood, 105 Latrobe Parade
Dromana, Victoria, 3936

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Gardens, gallery, nursery and shop: 03 5984 7321

Open 7 days a week, 9:00am to 5:00pm.*

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Heronswood Restaurant: 03 5984 7318
Open 7 days a week, 10:00am until 4.00pm.*

The members Fork to Fork Restaurant is located within the gardens of Heronswood and it is only accessible to paid visitors to the gardens or members of the Diggers Club. The restaurant offers morning and afternoon teas and a seasonal lunch menu

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Entry to wander through Heronswood Gardens, Gallery and Restaurant is free for Diggers members and children under 16, and $10 for visitors. There is no entry charge to visit the shop.

* Anzac Day - Please note the Gardens and Garden Shop will be open from 1.00pm, the Heronswood Restaurant will open as usual from 10.00am-4.00pm

Further information

Tour booking information

Find out about booking a garden tour to learn more about Heronswood gardens and their history


Wander through the gardens of The Diggers Club featuring seasonal plantings of heirloom vegetables, fruit trees and glorious flowering annuals and perennials

Garden Shop

Shop for your favourite Diggers plants, seeds and garden hardware. Our team can also help with garden advice to get you growing

Gallery Heronswood

Diggers Garden and Environment Trust Gallery


Members dine in historic Heronswood House with stunning views and dishes featuring heirloom vegetables and local produce.


Monthly workshops are held at Heronswood covering all areas of gardening expertise

Workshops at Heronswood

Edible flowers for use in the home kitchen

04 February 2018 10:00
Edible flowers add something special to your home cooking as well as your garden. In this workshop learn which flowers to grow, how to use them and how to maximise their colour and flavour in your home-cooked meals.

Dry climate garden design and care

10 February 2018 10:00
Learn how to create a beautiful Summer garden by selection tough Summer flowering perennials suited to our dry climate.

Seed sowing for an abundant winter harvest

10 February 2018 13:00
Join us for a workshop that will teach you all the tricks of growing from seed, and what seeds you can plant in autumn for a bountiful winter harvest.

Your lush summer garden and guided walk

17 February 2018 10:00
Join Bill Bampton to find out about creating a lush summer garden while enjoying a guided tour of Heronswood with our Director of Gardens. Learn how to create a beautiful Summer garden with tough Summer flowering perennials.

Preserving your Summer Harvest - Extended Workshop

17 February 2018 13:00
Cook and preserve your glorious sun-kissed Summer Harvest. Tomatoes and basil, strawberries and raspberries, it’s that glorious smell, can you remember it? Well that’s the true scent of Summer!

Heirloom seed saving - The basics

03 March 2018 10:00
Seed is a gardener's inheritance. It can be passed from one generation to the next, acclimatised to your garden through natural selection and allows you to take control of your food supply. Learn basic seed saving techniques in this beginners workshop.

Heirloom seed saving - Advanced

03 March 2018 13:00
This advanced workshop takes a deeper look at seed saving techniques. Learn how to maintain the best qualities in open pollinated varieties so that true-to-type seed can be passed on to friends and family.

Glorious Garlic!

04 March 2018 10:00
If you’re wondering about the best ways to choose, grow and store your garlic, book early for this popular workshop with Garlic Expert Penny Woodward.

Pest Repellent Plants and other organic solutions

04 March 2018 13:00
Penny Woodward will teach you about experimenting and growing pest repellent plants as well as plants that attract predators into your garden.

Discover the world of wild edible Weeds!

17 March 2018 13:00
Learn what tasty and interesting delights can be found as weeds in your own backyard!

ALL DAY INTENSIVE - Autumn Vegie Patch for Beginners

14 April 2018 09:30
Soil preparation, seed sowing and transplanting in the kitchen garden for budding gardeners.

Soil Ecology, Compost and Green Manures

21 April 2018 10:00
Learn how to create nutrient rich soil to grow your best harvest ever!

Olives - Grow, Harvest & Perfect your Brine

21 April 2018 13:00
Easy to grow, delicious to eat, and prolific at harvest time - Olives! Love them or hate them, they are an attractive and highly functional tree, with a fruit that can be used in a myriad of ways.

ALL DAY INTENSIVE - Spring Vegie Patch for Beginners

01 September 2018 09:30
Soil preparation, seed sowing and transplanting in the kitchen garden for budding gardeners.

ALL DAY INTENSIVE - Spring Vegie Patch for Beginners

07 October 2018 09:30
Soil preparation, seed sowing and transplanting in the kitchen garden for budding gardeners.
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