Water Chestnut

Eleocharis dulcis

Water chestnuts grow just as well in an old trough or tub as they do on the edge of a pond, as long as they stay wet. They are amazingly heavy croppers, with one corm producing up to 2kg of nuts in one season. A popular addition to Asian cuisine, homegrown water chestnuts are crisper and sweeter than those from a can. Harvest as the foliage dies down and store the nuts in the fridge and peel as required.

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How to grow

Plant corms in around 10cm of compost and keep moist. When the corms shoot, more water can be applied. By the time they reach around 20cm, the pot, tub or container can be flooded to about half the height of the shoots. Keep water topped up until harvest in about 6-8 months. Water chestnuts can be kept in the fridge for up to 10 days, but if you want to prolong your storage, freeze them (either peeled, unpeeled, cooked or raw) and use as required.

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