Rose 'Red Pierre'

Rosa hybrids

Red Pierre is a red version of the well-known Pierre de Ronsard, this rose has masses of tightly packed "old world" blooms in glowing crimson red. Its healthy, lush deep green foliage, together with its free, repeating flowering habit makes this one a perfect choice for a climbing variety.

Please note this product is a bare rooted rose for delivery in winter months only.

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How to grow

Plant in an open, sunny position, in free-draining, neutral soil that is rich in organic matter. Water deeply to encourage strong roots when establishing and provide supplementary watering during dry periods. Roses are heavy feeders and will benefit from organic fertiliser, twice-yearly in heavy soils (spring and late summer) or four times in sandy soil. Deadhead regularly for repeat flowering. Prune in late-winter for size and shape, leaving new long canes to produce next season's flowers. Tie or fan canes into position.

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