Native Currant

Antidesma erostre

An interesting bushy native shrub which produces clusters of bright red edible berries that turn deep purple when ripe. The berries are tart and cranberry-like when young, but develop into dark, sweet fruit as they mature and can be eaten raw or used in jams, desserts and wines. Wild Currant are native to warmer climates but they can tolerate light frosts. The cream flowers in spring attract bees and butterflies and the berries attract birds in early autumn. This evergreen Australian native makes an excellent hedge and will be sure to add interest to your garden.

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How to grow

With its dark green, glossy leaves, it makes an attractive ornamental plant in the garden or in a pot. Native to warmer climates but will tolerate light frosts. For best results, we recommend buying two or more Wild Currant plants to increase the chances of fruiting. Antidesma’s are dioecious but erostre like some other of its related species, can fruit quite well even without the presence of a male.

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