Miscanthus 'Adagio'

Miscanthus sinensis 'Adagio'

A superb elegant dwarf miscanthus originating from Japan. Ideal for smaller gardens with its stylish rounded shape and decorative feathery bronze-pink plumes.

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How to grow

Miscanthus is a tough perennial grass which benefits from annual pruning in late winter to rejuvenate growth. Drought and salt tolerant once established, plants do need some moisture to thrive in warm and temperate climates, especially during establishment, but avoid boggy conditions. Plant in full sun and allow a couple of years for young plants to amass the clump of foliage that Miscanthus are known for - they are undeniably worth the wait. Enjoy the prolonged beauty of spent seed heads before cutting back to ground level in late winter to 'clean up' last season's growth and allow fresh new spring blades to develop.

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