Lion's Tail

Leonotis leonurus

Prized for its vivid orange flowers reminiscent of a Lion' Tail, this stunning shrub looks outstanding in our Heronswood garden paired with purple salvias. With its bright flowers filled with nectar, Leonotis leonurus is an excellent plant for attracting birds, bees and butterfly's to your garden. Also known as 'Wild Dagga' in its native South Africa where its aromatic leaves are used in traditional medicine.

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How to grow

Where temperatures are mild, lion's tails are perennials. In cold-winter places, they may die back a bit, but sprout new growth again in spring. At the end of winter cut it back to around 20 centimeters to promote new spring growth. Moderately drought tolerant once established and a nectar source for birds and butterflies. To prevent garden escapees, avoid planting near disturbed bushland or coastal reserves, regularly prune seed heads and dispose of garden waste responsibly.

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