Lamb's Ears 'Big Ears'

Stachys byzantina 'Big Ears'

An outstanding silver-leaved ground cover with a soft appearance that belies its toughness. Versatile and vigorous, ‘Big Ears’ tolerates even the harshest of soils. Great to use in hot spots where other plants fail to thrive. This variety is a bold foliage plant that rarely flowers, grown for its thicker velvety leaves, which form a dense, rapidly spreading and weed-suppressing mat that contrasts beautifully with colourful perennials. A great companion to roses in a sunny free-draining position.

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Plant in full sun, preferably in free-draining, average to dry soil as unwanted spreading may occur in highly fertile conditions. Plant in high traffic areas or remove excess plants and growth in autumn and spring to contain spread. Dislikes extreme cold, humidity and overwatering, pick off damaged foliage as needed. A dry-tolerant, showy foliage plant for the front of the border.

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