Japanese Ginger

Zingiber mioga

The edible flower buds of Japanese Ginger are a prized delicacy, both fresh and preserved, and is the source of the ginger most commonly found on the side of your sushi plate. Mature leaves can also be used to wrap food. Also known as Myoga, Japanese ginger is easy to grow and thrives in dappled light, which coincidentally produces the best tasting buds.

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How to grow

The most cold tolerant of the gingers, plant in dappled light and protect from severe frost. Improve soil with compost and decomposed manure prior to planting. While Japanese ginger likes a moist soil, it is best to plant in a free-draining soil and water regularly as waterlogging should be avoided, especially during winter. Divide as required in spring and early summer. Apply a light application of organic fertiliser annually in spring.

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