Grapefruit 'Marsh'

Citrus paradisi 'Marsh'

Dating back to the 1800s, this popular heirloom grapefruit is the father of many modern hybrids because of its large, slightly sweet seedless fruit. With traditional yellow flesh, and thinner skin than other varieties, 'Marsh' has remained popular with citrus growers around the world. The first seedless grapefruit available. Best suited to hot, inland climates, but will crop in other areas.

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How to grow

Citrus grow best in open positions where they receive full sun, good drainage and shelter from strong winds. They prefer a frost free environment although will tolerate light frost once established. Citrus are well suited to pot culture and are no less productive when kept at 2m tall and 2m wide which also makes maintenance and care more manageable. Always use good quality potting mix in a pot. Citrus have a shallow fibrous root system and underplanting and cultivation below the tree should be avoided. Fertilise monthly with a complete, slow release, pelleted fertiliser all year round. Mulch to conserve moisture. Supplementary water is required during the warmer months. Prepare soil prior to planting by digging a hole twice as wide and deep as the root ball and enriching with compost and pelleted complete fertiliser. Apply seaweed solution after planting. Avoid planting into cold, wet soil.

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