Chinese Elm

Ulmus parvifolia

The English Elm that features in our parks and city avenues won't survive climate change, so we need substitutes. The Chinese Elm has the poise and grace of Nothofagus, but with an exquisite umbrella shape, it's an ideal size for smaller backyards. The best elm for hot and dry climates with a charming gently weeping growth habit that provides maximum shade. It is extremely hardy and resistant to many adverse conditions including wind and atmospheric pollution.The bark is striking with orange and brown mottling and the delicate, small leaves fall after turning yellow or red in cool climates, usually persisting in warmer areas. Excellent tolerance to drought and resistance to elm leaf beetles. Fast growth rate.

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How to grow

Plant in full sun, prefers free-draining soil, but adaptable to a wide range of positions. Benefits from mulching and regular watering, though drought tolerant once established. Has potential to become invasive, avoid planting in frost free climates or near disturbed bushland.

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