'We speak for the trees'

A new book from The Diggers Foundation 
By planting trees, we can all play our part to accelerate the drawdown of carbon.  Now, more than ever, we must all speak up for the trees.” 
Clive Blazey 

Inspired by David Attenborough and renowned Australian climate experts, Clive Blazey’s eighth book is a gardener’s guide to achievable solutions for this global climate change crisis. Planting trees and gardening sustainably are some of the simplest solutions for carbon drawdown. 

If we protect our existing forests and oceans from exploitation and destruction, their recovery will give us enough time to switch to renewable energy. But above all else, we must plant trees and adopt a plant-based diet. 

Gardeners taking positive action 

The purpose of our new book is to connect everyone, particularly gardeners, with the urgency for change as explained by David Attenborough, Tim Flannery and many other world experts. 

Diggers has led the country in boosting biodiversity through our listing of heirloom seeds and we now present this book as our contribution to solving the climate crisis the world now faces. Alongside growing our own food, planting trees is the most important thing we as gardeners can do. We must start planting and nurturing trees to cool our cities and to reconnect with nature. 

Australia leads the world in CO2 pollution per capita, despite living on the continent that receives more free energy from sunshine than any other. If we don’t rise to the challenge and change our profligate behaviour, our children’s and grandchildren’s future will be imperilled. The COVID threat has caused a dramatic change in our health and lifestyle, the same sort of dramatic and urgent behavioural change we will need to tackle climate change before it is too late. 

A gardener’s guide to tree selection 

Our new book lists different trees selected for climate suitability, shade, habitat protection and bushfire prevention. Each tree listed in this book is growing in one of The Diggers Foundation gardens, so we have gained valuable first-hand knowledge by planting, trialling and careful study over more than 40 years. Information gathered over this journey has enabled us to compile a list of the best trees for Australian gardeners. 

This book includes comprehensive notes on almost 100 ornamental, fruit and nut trees recommended for gardeners so we can all play our part in solving climate change. With expert guides on local climate adaptation, tips on gardening basics and lessons on how to avoid tree planting mistakes, this book contains all you need to plant with confidence. 

By planting trees, you too can accelerate the capture of carbon. 

Now, more than ever, We must all speak up for the trees.

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