‘We Speak For The Trees’ Gardeners’ Conference

Friday 1 April 2022
Melbourne Royal Botanic Garden

The Diggers Foundation is hosting a very special day at the historic Mueller Hall in Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Garden as we ‘speak for the trees’, encouraging gardeners to take personal responsibility for their carbon footprints by planting trees. 


Our Speakers

Professor Tim Entwisle

Professor Tim Entwisle

Professor Tim Entwisle introduces the day and speaks about the replacement and recognition of significant trees, including some of the stunning specimens you’ll see in the afternoon garden tour.

Greg Moore

Greg Moore talks trees, roots and your garden. Tree root systems and their associated mycorrhizal fungi have to be managed wisely to provide healthy and vigorous trees in our gardens. Healthy and vigorous urban trees will contribute the greatest benefits to our society as climate warms and dries.

Clare Hart

Clare Hart is the manager of horticulture at Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Garden and will talk about their Landscape Succession Strategy and the Climate Resilience Assessment Tool developed for the Climate Change Alliance of Botanic Gardens.

Clive Blazey AM

Clive Blazey AM

Clive Blazey AM on why we all speak for the trees and why Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Garden is a living lecture theatre of successful trees.

John Fordham

John Fordham

John Fordham will be speaking on some of the tree species that Melbourne either should be trialling or is currently trialling throughout the city to combat the increase in temperature that the city is undergoing.

Tim Sansom

Tim Sansom

Tim Sansom is CEO of The Diggers Foundation and will talk about the role that gardeners can play in harnessing the power of trees to make our homes more liveable and contribute to the ‘urban forest’.

Australia's leading experts will be together to discuss:

  • Political challenges
  • Tree selection in a changing climate
  • Why eucalyptus aren't the solution 
  • What happens below the soil? 
  • How to secure Australia's environmental future 
  • What every gardener can do to create changes needed

Complemented by a guided walk led by Clive Blazey and the botanic garden’s senior arborist, Charlie Carroll.

There will be a book signing opportunity. Morning tea and lunch (included in ticket price).

Running from 9am to 3pm so attendees can go on to enjoy the twilight session of the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show and make a full day of it. 


Members $70
Non-members $90



We speak or the trees

This book contains detailed information on almost 100 ornamental, fruit and nut trees selected for climate suitability, shade, habitat protection and bushfire prevention.

Each tree listed in this book is growing in one of The Diggers Foundation gardens, so we have gained valuable first-hand knowledge by planting, trialling and careful study over more than 40 years.

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