What to do in the garden for July

Visit a garden

We don't often think about visiting gardens in winter, but a winter visit can be most worthwhile. Take time to see how evergreen plants can be used as structural backbones and how hard landscaping is designed to bring together areas of the garden. 

Transplant shrubs

The winter months are the best time to move smaller deciduous plants around the garden. Dig up a good portion of the root ball, then place the plant on a tarp to move to its new location. Plant it to the same depth it was growing before and water in well. 

Grow some sprouts

Get your nutritional fix with healthy, home grown sprouts. Alfalfa, mung beans, radish and broccoli all make delicious sprouts in just 5 to 7 days. 

What's in season

Grow your own perennial veg at home!

Plant Rhubarb (Winter Wonder, Cherry Red, Big Boy)  and Asparagus (Mary Washington, Fat Bastard, Purple Bastard) for years of bountiful harvest.

Supercharge your vegie garden with these collections (Rhubarb Garden Collection, Asparagus Collection).

Also available is the beautiful Globe Artichoke 'Violetto', a stunning perennial plant with tasty purple flower buds.

The best garden advice

The Diggers Club is an Australian gardening authority.

Members are offered personalised garden advice so they can learn what grows best in their gardening climate.

We have a range of garden advice; from online articles and fact sheets, eight seasonal magazines and a garden advisor to take your calls or answer your email queries.  

Members can also visit us our garden shops or dig a bit deeper at a monthly workshops or masterclass

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