What to do in June

Plant strawberry runners

Bare root strawberries can be planted now. Build up the soil to form a small ridge; this ensures that the plants will not get wet feet. Keep a look out for pesky snails and set traps if they become a problem.

Cut back green manure crops

Early sown crops of green manures can be cut back before they begin to flower. Slash down the foliage with a brush-cutter and dig it into the soil to break down.

Prune back raspberry canes

Plan to prune raspberry canes soon. Autumn fruiting varieties are simply cut back to the ground, whilst summer fruiting varieties need to be tip pruned to develop fruiting canes next season. 

What's in season

Grow your own organic herbs at home!

Lemon Verbena for a soothing cup of tea, French Tarragon - a mild aniseed flavour, the perfect accompaniment to chicken, Golden Marjoram, a great edging plant with bags of flavour and Rosemary Tuscan blue - roast lamb's best friend.

Get your kitchen garden growing in super quick time with Diggers Kitchen Garden Collection - 10 herb plants in total to give you a good head start.

Grow your own garlic

Raspberries and Blueberries


♦ Seeds to sow now

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