Things to do in November

Feed your plants

The garden will be full of spring colour now and summer perennials will be preparing to flower soon. To get the best display for months on end, feed your plants regularly with a good quality compost or organic fertiliser. 

Apply mulch to garden beds

With summer just around the corner, now is the time to mulch garden beds to conserve soil moisture over the drier months to come. A layer of about 8-10cm is generally ideal for most beds. 

Keep an eye out for bugs

Pests love to feed on the lush spring growth so at this time of year be ready to act. Aphids are attracted to new growth and can spread diseases from one plant to another. Threat them with a chilli and garlic remedy, soapy water or a leave them to the Lady Bugs!

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The Diggers Club is an Australian gardening authority.

Members are offered personalised garden advice so they can learn what grows best in their gardening climate.

We have a range of garden advice; from online articles and fact sheets, eight seasonal magazines and a garden advisor to take your calls or answer your email queries.  

Members can also visit us our garden shops or dig a bit deeper at a monthly workshops or masterclass

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