Things to do in September

Prepare your vegetable garden beds

Now that the temperatures are rising, it's time to prepare for your spring vegetable plant out. Weed your bed, dig in a good manure, preferably sheep or well rotted chicken manure, dig in and mulch.

Prepare your watering system

Be prepared before summer starts, to have an easy and reliable watering system in place to look after your crops while you are away. Dripper lines, and water timers are critical to regular watering which ensures even growth and plentiful harvest.

Watch for bugs

It's not just gardeners that look forward to spring, bug are moving about now to feast on tasty new growth and sap. Aphids will begin appearing on soft new growth and are easily combated with a soapy water spray. Snails will make a meal of any newly planted seedlings so set traps for these too. 

What's in season


If you're in a Warm or Hot climate where all chances of frost have past, it’s time to start planting your summer vegie garden. Order tomato speedings online now and get ready for the taste of summer.

In Victoria and Tas, it’s still pretty cool, so we recommend you pot them up so that as soon as the ground warms up and the sun comes out you can plant! This short video by Ryan our plant Manager shows you how to pot up simply, so that you have a well-established tomato ready when you are!

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