Things to do in February

Deadheading flowers

Trim off old flower heads on summer flowering perennials to encourage the growth of new flower buds. Not only will your plants look tidier, but they will reward you with a longer display of colour. 

Save seeds of beans

Start thinking about saving seeds of beans that are growing now in the vegie patch. Stop picking the beans off one or two plants (depending on how much seed you want) and allow the pods to mature and dry on the bush. Once dry, pop out the seeds and store in a dark, dry place to plant again next season. 

Order spring bulbs

Plan ahead and order spring bulbs now for planting in March. There is always a good range to choose from at this time of year. Try Jonquils and Bluebells for an easy set-and-forget buld display.

Summer Garden Care

Plan and plant your own lush summer garden

Don't let  your garden look dry and tired in summer when you want to use it most. Create your own flowering summer garden. Download our lush summer planting plan. 

Are you watering properly?

Watering is critical to your summer garden, but are you using water wisely? Download ‘The secrets to watering success’

Summer fruit tree pruning – stone fruits

It is a common misconception that fruit trees should be pruned in winter. Summer pruning helps to contain growth, keeping your harvest low and easily accessible. Watch our summer fruit tree pruning video

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