Heirloom Garden Roses

Celebrate the old-world charm of heirloom and species roses. Evoke nostalgia with the Diggers curated selection of garden-worthy roses. Heirloom roses passed from generations of gardeners preserving their unique charm for today's garden. 

Australia's best known and most influential rose breeder, Alister Clark (1864-1949), bred roses to thrive in Australia's harsh conditions. Decades later, 'Nancy Hayward'', Lorraine Lee'and 'Black Boy are three of his most famous and enduring selections. Damask roses are astonishingly fragrant roses rose purportedly originating from the Middle East and depicted on the walls and in the gardens of Islamic paradise gardens. Damask roses were treasured and transported along ancient trade routes. Damask rose petals are processed for 'Attar of Rose', an essential foundation for perfume, rose water and oils.