Beyond organics. Exploring harmonic agriculture

Luca Foglietti shares his personal philosophies on combining science and ancient wisdom in our organic seed production.

Beyond organics. Exploring harmonic agriculture

Underpinning all my work in the garden is the belief that it’s now time for science to progress hand in hand with the ancient wisdom that allowed humans to live harmoniously with nature for centuries. 

This wisdom endures among the Egyptians, Mayan, Incas, Chinese, Indians, Asians and Indigenous Australians – the same wisdom of migrating birds knowing exactly where to go, when to start and which route to take.
With science we have to train our mind and use our intellect, exactly the opposite of following an implanted instinct for our wisdom. We have had to forget one to develop the other; but it is possible (and preferable) to merge the two.

Fusing science and intuitive wisdom

The method used to create the new seed production area at the Diggers Preservation Garden (DPG) is a fusion between science and intuitive wisdom. They are both considered in each part of the process, merged together to cover both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of life. Plant health does not rely solely on the simplistic N-P-K nutrient theory of German scientist, Von Liebig. Rather, an energetic side is considered as the major influence of life developing, with all agricultural matter more appropriately defined through its inherent energy or ‘magnetism’. 

In this philosophy, everything that has life has an ethereal and a physical state, one qualitative and one quantitative. We have to take care of both to live harmoniously. For instance, we need to eat heirloom vegies to feed our soul rather than consume food for the sole purpose of feeding our body. 
Every living thing has its own aura, referred to as an Electro Magnetic Field (EMF). All of these EMFs resonate with each other and influence each other as one overall entity. 

We call this ‘the environment’, often like it is out of reach or intangible, something we are not part of. The paradigm needs to be shifted – we are part of it – we are the environment.

The method I am using in the seed production area applies principles that work on magnetism (paramagnetism and diamagnetism), EMFs and geopathic stress to reduce the negative effects of our modern environment, creating health and harmony.

The method includes principles of Homa farming, Steiner’s agriculture lectures (biodynamic agriculture), synergistic gardening, lunar farming, companion planting, permaculture and biogeometry. Its purpose is to be extremely sustainable in every possible aspect, including economically.

Recycling soil to be fertile

It is critical that materials are sourced on site and self-made, trying to repair and improve what is existing and offered instead of importing externally; soil included.

A huge bank of depleted soil and garden waste recycled onsite at DPG formed the raw materials for our seed production beds. It was necessary to breathe new life into the soil, to restore its water holding capacity, organic content and aerobic properties. To balance the magnetism, we increased the humate compound and added a paramagnetic hydrous silicate rock called Zeolite. Raised beds were formed to prevent flooding and also increase the flow of energy into the soil. As Rudolf Steiner said, whatever is raised above normal soil level will show a special tendency to life, with an ability to permeate itself with ethereal vitality.

Suppressing weeds

Dwarf nasturtiums act as living mulch to totally cover the soil, resulting in almost complete suppression of weeds. Calendulas and marigolds are planted at the borders of each bed, to stabilise the soil and attract pollinators, but also for their major benefits in companion planting. Calendula officinalis has the ability to improve the soil mycroflora, encouraging mycelium and mycorrhizae, which enhance access to water and nutrients. Tagetes patula has the ability to repel noxious nematodes from the soil. They both create a picturesque landscape. For runners, climbers and stake plants, a pyramidal structure was created using three metre bamboo stakes. This structure harnesses energy, concentrating forces within the framework to maximise growth.

Minimal watering

The watering system consists of five taps, one for each row, and a hose. All watering is performed by hand to ensure each plant is meticulously checked. The need for water has so far been minimal, (a maximum of four hours per week) thanks to the Zeolite that holds up to 40% of its dry weight in water. When heated, the water is given off continuously as the temperature rises, leaving the structure of the rock intact. Pests and diseases are treated using essential oils and food grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2); though there are almost none present so far.


Everything has been planned to perpetuate and improve. Plants for seed trials will be replaced but no soil will be turned or disturbed.
The ecosystem will be left alone to do its job and improve over time, just as in nature. In recent times, science has tinkered very little with magnetism because scientists don’t understand it. But this is now changing. Science is peering with interest towards the unknown. Gardeners can buy rock dust as fertiliser. Can you believe it? Rocks can fertilise the soil! Even the paramagnetic level (CGS) is included on the label. Intellect is merging with intuition.

Creating Harmony: Biogeometric shapes are used to harmonise water and artificial EMFs arising from manufactured forms of electricity. Also, in this system, a melody that harmonises EMFs is played every day, along with classical music to improve plant language and interaction. The Vedic Science Agnihotra ceremony, part of the Homa Farming method, is performed daily, to realign electrons, protons and neutrons in the atmosphere, creating a 1km radius dome of healing space. Copper tools are used to interact with soil. These are preferable to iron and steel tools which, being polarised by fire, become discharged substances and attract the valuable soil energies like a magnet, depriving it of the natural magnetic charge that is beneficial to plants.