Apple Harvest and Pollination

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Apple Harvest and Pollination

Grow your own apples!

Apples will grow in a wide variety of climates and soils.

Their three main requirements are full sun, cool winters (400-1800 chilling hours) and reasonable drainage.

They dislike humidity and will not tolerate salty soils or winds.


Early flowering apple trees will cross-pollinate with other Early and Mid flowering varieties.

Mid and Late flowering also cross-pollinate with each other and their own groups, but Early and Late do not.

Universal-pollinator: Pollinates all other varieties.

x2 pollinators: Require two different pollinators from their flowering groups.

Cider apple: Not good eating apples; primarily used for ciders and juices.


  • Cold store in a fridge at 4ºC with fruit only
  • Vent regularly to keep ethylene levels low

Download our Apple Harvest & pollinator chart

Apple Harvest & pollinator chart