Seasonal availability

The Diggers Club offers a range of LIVING products which are only available during the year when IN SEASON, and at the times when it is best for you to grow them. 

These seasonal times are listed to the right and you'll find them in your Diggers magazines throughout the year.

At other times of the year all products can be viewed to help you with your planning, but will not be available to purchase.

Is it in season?

Vegetable, Flower and Herb seeds

Available all year round

Flowering perennials, trees and shrubs

January to mid-December

Fruit trees, citrus, berries and herbs

January to mid-December


Available January to May

Spring flowering bulbs

Order from January for delivery from mid February

Summer and autumn flowering bulbs

Order in November for delivery from December

Gourmet seed potatoes, onion and shallot bulbs

Order in May for June delivery 


Order bare root roses in May for June delivery

Hardware, tools and books

Available all year round

Vegetable seedlings including tomatoes, capsicums and eggplants

Available to from September to mid December, while stocks last

Bare root strawberry runners

Available to order in May for delivery in early June

Summer Garden Care

Plan and plant your own lush summer garden

Don't let  your garden look dry and tired in summer when you want to use it most. Create your own flowering summer garden. Download our lush summer planting plan. 

Are you watering properly?

Watering is critical to your summer garden, but are you using water wisely? Download ‘The secrets to watering success’

Summer fruit tree pruning – stone fruits

It is a common misconception that fruit trees should be pruned in winter. Summer pruning helps to contain growth, keeping your harvest low and easily accessible. Watch our summer fruit tree pruning video

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