Pear 'Beurre Bosc'

Pyrus communis

An 1807 Belgian heirloom, this is the quintessential fresh eating pear that melts in your mouth like sorbet. The best flavour comes when ripened at room temperature, so supermarket offerings are not a patch on home ripened fruit. Elegant elongated russet-brown pears with rich sweet slightly grainy flesh to enjoy fresh, baked or poached. A late season crop, which is pollinated by ‘Red Beurre D’Anjou’, ‘Williams’ and ‘Red Williams’.

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How to grow

Pears grow in a wide variety of soils, but do best in a soil enriched with decomposed compost and well-rotted manure prior to planting. Their main requirements are full sun, cool winters (600 chilling hours) and regular irrigation. Flowering a month earlier than apples, protect from frost to improve fruiting. Always plant more than one type for cross-pollination.

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