Wildflower Seed Shaker

Mixed seed varieties

Not only an easy way to scatter seed, Diggers Seed Shakers are designed to make gardening not only easy and fun, but to help you be successful. All seeds selected for our shakers have been proven to establish readily when scattered directly over a well-prepared soil. A wonderful gift for new and experienced gardeners alike. Seed covers 2.5 square metres and comes in an easy to use, reusable seed shaker.

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Wildflower Seed Shaker

Available in three unique mixes:

Cornfield Wildflowers

Rediscover the allure of natural meadows with cornfield wildflowers. Forget about straight edges and hard landscaping and create a dreamy landscape with our popular mix of reliable wildflower classics including Field Poppy, Corn Marigolds, Cornflower, Corncockle and Barley. Not only beautiful, this combination attracts an abundance of beneficial insects to your garden to help pollinate nearby vegie gardens and fruit trees in spring.

Wildflowers for Bees

Experience the joy of gardening with this lavish selection of 12 seed varieties designed to attract bees and other beneficial pollinators. The perfect mix of flower colour and form that’s a magnet for bees. Includes Poppy, Cornflower, Dill, Flax and Coriander. Seed covers 2.5 square metres and comes in an easy to use, reusable seed shaker.

Waltzing Matilda Wildflowers

Capture the essence of the Australian bush in your own backyard with our unique mix of true-blue wildflowers. This exclusive seed mix of Billy Buttons, Everlastings, Rock Daisy and Helichrysum brings colour and diversity to the garden and works well with grey foliage plants, dray gardens and rockeries. (Not to Tas or WA).

Note: Seed covers 2.5 square metres and comes in an easy to apply, reusable seed shaker.

How to grow

Prepare soil prior to sowing. Turn the dial to the sieve setting and shake to scatter seeds over a large area. Have fun and spread around generously to achieve a natural looking appearance as plants grow and flower. Water regularly on a fine mist setting during germination and protect form snails and slugs.

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