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Who will be the 2024 Heirloom Tomato winner?

Here at Diggers we love a good taste-test!

It's been 30 years since our first official Tomato Taste Test on the pool lawn at Heronswood. To mark this iconic occasion, we're doing it all again with celebrity gardeners, chef's and foodies coming together to crown a new taste test winner. 

We've grown 65 varieties of heirlooom tomato, and from this selection we will crown a Cherry tomato winner, Salad tomato winner, Beefsteak tomato winner and Saucing tomato winner, with the overall champion being determined by taste, texture and appearance.

Original judges Stephanie Alexander, Peter de Waart, Penny and Clive Blazey are coming together with Costa Georgiadis, Blayne Bertoncello, Jane Edmanson, Phil Dudman, Peitro and Sandro Demaio and the Diggers team to taste and rate the best heirloom tomatoes in Australia.

Winners will be published here at 8pm on 1 March 2024.

Celebrating 30 years 

Circle back here to find out who will be crowned the winner

Want to be part of the celebration?

Join us on Saturday or Sunday for a full day celebrating everything tomato. 
Book today. Tickets are strictly limited.

We have organised two very special tasting events with masterclasses, special guests and lunch.

Saturday, March 2nd 



Sunday, March 3rd



Join Costa for a masterclass on all things tomato before participating in a Tomato Taste Test experience, followed by lunch on the pool lawn.

Learn all about composting and how to ensure you make great compost every time with Phil Dudman.

Join Phil Dudman to find out how to grow the perfect tomato from seed, before enjoying lunch on the pool lawn.

Next you'll participate in a Tomato Taste Test experience followed by a masterclass on soil care for successful tomato growing with Sophie Thomson.

Masterclass Special Guest Appearances


Costa Georgiadis

Join Costa at our Saturday masterclass event as he shares his top tips from working with soils, pruning to shaping and managing your garden holistically to keep your natural systems in balance.

Costa Georgiadis is an Award-winning landscape architect, Environmental educator, Author, and Television Presenter.

Sophie Thompson

Fall in Fall in love with your soil and your tomatoes with Sophie Thompson. Join Sophie at our Sunday masterclass event to learn more about your soil and why you should love it and shower it with compost and organic matter and life to reward you with abundant tomato success.

Sophie Thomson is an Australian horticulturist, author and television and radio personality from Adelaide.

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Phil Dudman

Find out Phils most important steps to tomato growing success, from selecting varieties and sowing seed to preparing soil, feeding plants and protecting your precious harvest from pests organically at our Sunday masterclass event. 

Phil Dudman is the Horticultural Editor of ABC Organic Gardener magazine, a gardening talkback host on ABC Radio, TV presenter and author for ABC Books.