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What if many of the weeds in our garden were just as edible as the vegetables we tend beside them?

What if some of these free, all-too-easy-to-grow uninvited guests were so nutritionally dense that they might be some of the healthiest – and environmentally friendly – things you could possibly eat? What if many of them also had medical and cultural traditions dating back centuries? Well it’s all true! And if you know what to choose, they also taste great. A gastronomic adventure awaits the knowledgeable forager…

Join Adam Grubb for a fascinating walk on the wild side, and see plants like dandelion, sow thistle, mallow, chickweed, amaranth, angled onions, stinging nettle and many more in a whole new way.

You will learn:

  • How to forage safely, including key identification tips, and look-alikes to watch out for
  • Medicinal uses of these plants
  • Folklore and tradition
  • The evolutionary history of ‘weeds’ and how they fit (or not) into ecological systems
  • The best ways of turning these gardening nuisances into gourmet dishes

Weed Foragers Handbook can be purchased & signed on the day.

Lunch provided.

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Your Presenter

Adam Grubb is a permaculture designer and co-founder of the Naarm/Melbourne based Very Edible Gardens (VEG), as well as the permablitz community backyard makeover network. Since 2009, VEG has worked with over 20 councils, as well as libraries, festivals and community groups, while designing and building lots of gardens including wicking beds and integrated chook systems for householders.

He started exploring wild food back in 2004, and has since been running popular edible weed walks, and is co-author with Annie Raser-Rowland of two books on the topic: The Weed Forager’s Handbook (Hyland, 2012) which has sold over 50,000 copies, and the kids’ book Let’s Eat Weeds (Scribble, 2021).

As an experienced and talented cheapskate, he also helped Annie co-author The Art of Frugal Hedonism (Melliodora, 2016), and for years he hosted Triple R’s environmentally-themed Greening the Apocalypse radio show.

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The Location

Featuring over 4 acres of food, cottage and bush gardens each season provides different delights and inspiration to both experienced and aspiring gardeners. The gardens are filled with plants which thrive in central Victoria’s cold winters and hot dry summers. A huge range of daffodils, hellebores and other flowering bulbs bring the garden to life in spring.

Visitors can admire the colour and beauty of our perennial flower borders throughout summer and autumn with hardy, long flowering perennials creating an amazing cottage garden display amongst our Australian bush setting.

The Garden has been certified organic since 2008 and Digger’s range of perennials, bulbs and heirloom vegetables are grown at St Erth using the best organic methods. Seasonal produce from our kitchen gardens is served at St Erth café throughout the year.

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Edible Weeds

11 August 2024

The Garden of St Erth (Blackwood)

Sunday 10am - 1pm

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