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Tree Planting Projects

Dig deep for trees

In our Founder Clive Blazey’s book ‘We Speak for the Trees’, he urges each of us to ‘grow 160 trees over 10 years’ as this would allow us to hold back climate change. Australians lead the world in CO2 pollution per capita despite living on the continent that receives more free energy from sunshine than any other.

We must start planting and nurturing trees to cool our cities and reconnect with nature as climate change is threatening everything we hold dear; our forests, our oceans, our gardens, our wilderness and the habitability of our planet.

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Community Partnership Programs


Co-founder, Penny Blazey worked as a correctional counsel officer for youths and experienced first-hand the devastation drug and alcohol abuse has on lives. 

This is a particularly complicated problem for Indigenous youth so the Bunjilwarra model of care, draws heavily from the Aboriginal designed Social and Emotional Wellbeing framework which locates individuals at the centre of an intersecting and layered wheel acknowledging colonisation, relationship to country and kinship.

The Bunjilwarra program is staged to reflect the healing journey and growth experience for Aboriginal youth and is designed to support the developmental needs of young people with a focus on vocational pathways.