Build Your Own Mini Ecosystem

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Your Masterclass

Create your own terrarium, a mini ecosystem, complete with its own colony of insects.

You will learn:

  • All about terrariums, from the layers used to create them, to the plants that thrive in them
  • Explore the science behind terrariums and why we call them tiny bioactive ecosystems!
  • Design and create your own bioactive terrarium to take home
  • Relax and enjoy the cathartic process of building your mini ecosystem.
  • Your bioactive terrarium contains more than just plants. We add little insects, called springtails, that help break down and remove waste (decaying leaves and mould) from the terrarium, creating a healthier ecosystem. Neat isn’t it! This is what occurs in nature (but on a much smaller scale!).

This workshop is the perfect blend of science and creativity!

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Your Presenter

Helen Piercy runs a terrarium business (Helen's Mini Worlds) in the heart of Adelaide City. 

Her passion is communicating science to people in a different and interactive way. Helen’s strong background in science enables her to not only guide you in making a beautiful terrarium, but explain HOW they work and WHY they are beneficial for your indoor plants

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The Location


Build Your Own Mini Ecosystem

28 July 2024

The Goodman Building (Adelaide)

Sunday 10am - 1pm

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