St Erth Workshops

Sharpen your skills at Diggers monthly workshops.

There is something on offer and much to be gained for everyone from our current programme. Workshops focus on a wide range of essential gardening topics, techniques and skills, as well as focusing on specific plants and tasks to suit the season.

Gardening skills and knowledge will be hosted by our experts twice a month.

Bookings essential and our cancellation policy applies.

The workshops start at 10 and run for 1-1½ hours.

Members $29, non-members $39.

To make a workshop booking, call the St Erth Garden Shop on 03 5368 6514.

Workshops at St Erth

Wicking Beds

24 September 2017 11:00
Wicking Beds are becoming very popular as a water efficient and attractive way to grow your own vegies.

Secrets of Fork to Fork Gardening - Part 1 Preparing your kitchen garden

29 September 2017 11:00
Learn the secrets of vegetable gardening in this extended workshop & lunch series hosted by St Erth head gardener Julian Blackhirst.

Secrets of Fork to Fork Gardening - Part 2 Growing organic produce

06 October 2017 11:00
Learn the secrets of vegetable gardening in this extended workshop & lunch series hosted by St Erth head gardener Julian Blackhirst.

Seed sowing for beginners

08 October 2017 11:00
Discover the wonder and joy of successful seed sowing. Includes choosing seed for beginners, sowing methods, propagation units, soil mixes and more.

Developing your Garden Philosophy

22 October 2017 11:00
Which way would you like to garden? Doing that little bit of homework before you get started will help you to learn what is best for you and your situation, could save you a heap of labor, time and money, and make gardening that little bit more enjoyable!


28 October 2017 10:30
Join internationally renowned citrus expert Ian Tolley at this brilliant Masterclass, and learn everything you could possibly want to know about growing and caring for the very best citrus at home.

Beekeeping for Beginners - Part 1: Bee Basics

18 November 2017 11:00
Part 1 of this fascinating workshop series provides an intimate look at the life of bees. A must for anyone who grows their own fruit and vegetables or wants a hive of their own.

Beekeeping for Beginners - Part 2: Extracting the Honey

18 November 2017 14:00
Now that you know how to care and nurture your bees, this afternoon’s workshop will teach you all you need to know to harvest the honey.

Family Workshop - Get your Kids into the Garden

19 November 2017 11:00
Are your kids spending too much time indoors ogling at their many tech screens? Come and learn some really fun ways to get them off the couch and out playing and getting creative in the garden!

Growing in pots and small spaces

26 November 2017 11:00
Don't have a huge garden or perhaps just a patio but you crave growing your own at home? Join us at this clever Workshop and learn how to get the maximum out of pots and small space gardening.

Extended Workshop - Cultivate, Cook and Consume

03 December 2017 10:00
'Eat what you Sow' - The greatest joy comes from growing your own delicious vegetables in your backyard, and then sharing your delicious and healthy goodness with your family and friends!

Summer pruning and espalier training

10 December 2017 11:00
Want to plant some fruit trees and espalier them but not sure where to start? Or do you already have fruit trees in your garden but are unsure hoe to care for, train, and maintain them?
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