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Join Australia’s largest community of gardeners and we’ll show you how to create a beautiful and productive garden with the best range of seeds, bulbs, plants and more. For over 40 years, we’ve been helping members grow rare heirloom varieties full of the flavour and colour that disappeared from the supermarkets long ago.

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“ the information in the magazines. Being able to purchase heritage seeds and plants. The diversity of seeds and plants. Just love it, it makes me feel good to be part of something so earthy.”

“Membership of Diggers offers a lot - the magazines, the free seeds, the extensive variety of plants to choose from for purchase, the wonderful customer service and knowledge presented by staff ... the list is endless! I love Diggers!””

“... really value the work that Diggers is trying to do about seeds and food security. Even when I garden less and don't buy goods I take my yearly contribution as a responsibility”

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    Seasonal garden magazines

    Seasonal garden magazines

    Six seasonal magazines per year delivered to your door, including our bumper Seed Annual. Each edition is packed full of inspiration and the latest ideas and selections for your garden.

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    • All products for members are discounted off the retail price. Save on our full range of seeds, bulbs, plants, hardware, workshops and more
    • Get free unlimited garden entry to Heronswood, The Garden of St Erth and Cloudehill (save $10 on each visit), plus free entry to our annual festivals.
    • Choose eight free packets of seeds per year, available via redemption in autumn and spring.
    Access to the best range

    Access to the best range of heirloom and rare varieties

    • We carefully curate the best range of garden worthy plants suited to your climate and growing conditions. From organic heirlooms to stunning ornamentals that you won’t find anywhere else.
    • Access to exclusive varieties reserved for members.
    • Delivery to your door with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee on all products.
    Support & advice

    Support & advice

    • Get free horticultural advice via phone and email.
    • Access to our online library of resources including articles, videos, planting and harvesting charts and more.
    Support and advice

    Saving seeds

    Seeds are the basis of life, and we promote their diversity and availability. For the last 40 years we have selected and trialled food and flowers that are best suited for home gardeners, rather than those grown commercially for mass production.