Grow your own potatoes

Grow your own potatoes

Potatoes are one of the easiest vegetables to grow in your garden. They are best planted in spring so that the emerging growth appears after the last frost. Enjoy the superior flavour of home grown spuds, in particular those european and creamy fleshed heirlooms that all chefs adore. Here at the Diggers Club we only sell certified seed potatos that are handpicked and disease free unlike potatoes that are sold in the supermarkets.  Try 

You'll find more information on growing potatoes here and you can take advantage of our special 'Join The Club' Free Potato offer here

Seeds to sow now

Sowing seeds is the best way to ensure you can have a beautiful and diverse garden that is also productive and healthy. By regularly sowing seeds you can ensure an ongoing harvest of vegetables, as well as being surrounded by flowers which you can pick and enjoy all year round. It takes some time to remember what seeds to sow each month, but we have made it easy by listing all the seeds you need, with information and advice about how to grow them in  in one place! Come back each month for an update.

When to sow certain seeds depends on the right soil and air temperatures, so to ensure you are sowing the right seeds when, use our list as a guide for what to sow in COOL climates (such as Canberra, Tasmania, and NZ)  WARM (areas such as Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and inland NSW) and HOT growing areas (such as Perth, Brisbane, Darwin and subtropics). 

For more information about your climate and how climate zones work check our CLIMATE MAPS, created with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, as your guide to gardening success!

Winter Jobs

Winter is the time for preparing beds for spring planting. You need a good quality garden fork, spades and hoes.  The wooden cold frame and grow tunnels are perfect for prolonging your growing season and accelerating growth of vegetables over winter.

Late winter is the classic time for hard pruning to promote vigorous growth when renovating fruit trees. A sharp pruning saw and secateurs are essential. To get a head start on spring, early birds can sow seeds indoors using heat mats and propagators. To warm up why not take to those winter weeds by using the gas weeding wand.

cool Climate - February


A rainbow of colours to uplift the soul and to lure ladybirds and butterflies to your garden. Bright blooms of coral pink, vivid orange, reds, yellows and purples are not at all bothered by the heat of summer. Flowers for months and lasts for ever in a vase.


Traditional Italian sprouting broccoli. Harvest the central head first to promote vigorous side shoots for up to 6 months. Harvest in 9 weeks from transplant. Yields 1.1kg/plant.


Magnificently ornamental and loaded with anti-oxidants. A favourite for edible landscapes. Heads of up to 3.3 kg.

warm Climate - February


A very pretty mix of cosmos in delightful shades of pink. Brighten up your summer with this easy to grow cottage garden annual.


Definitely our most beautiful pea, the pretty pink flowers are followed by dark bluish-purple pods that conceal the bright green, plump peas. Also known as Capucinjer peas, these are a favoutire amongst the Ducth. Believed to have been grown by Capuchin monks in the 16th century these are the best variety for drying and using in soups or for any recipe requiring marow fat peas. Yields 280g per plant.


A baby Chinese cabbage with crisp, almost white heads to use in salads, stir-fries or pickled for kimchi. Best grown with plenty of water and in rich soil for optimal results. Be sure to keep the slugs and snails away as they like it as much as we do. Quicker to harvest than other cabbages.

hot Climate - February


The ultimate cut and come gain vegetable, this broccoli keeps on producing for months. Delicious, full of antioxidants and visually spectacular with its wondrous spires of deep purple florets. Harvest in 10 weeks from transplant, yields 1kg per plant.


Pick flowers for stuffing or leave fruit until it is 15cm long. Produces more fruit than the standard hybrid Black Jack. Just 9 weeks to harvest.


Create the perfect Van Gough landscape. Tall statuesque single stemmed plants. Large traditional gold flowers with strongly curved petals. 75 days to flower, 6days vase life. Height to 1.5m.

What's in season

Create your own lush summer garden.  A dry garden of sun lovers doesn't have to be all spiky like cactus, using a selection of succulents you can create a drought tolerant garden, full of colour on the hottest day, that looks good all year using foliage and form. 

Grow your own garlic

 Bulbs to plant now 

♦ Seeds to sow now

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