Botanic and Rare plant Fair - Celebrating Plant Passion

Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October


Join us at the Observatory Precinct, Royal Botanic Melbourne Gardens for a weekend of indulging your passion for plants at the new spring gardening event, the Botanic and Rare Plant Fair, jointly hosted by The Diggers Club, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria and the Melbourne Friends.

Celebrate plants and gardening with plant sales and an extensive panel discussion program.

Stalls – Exclusive opportunity to purchase rare bulbs, seeds, plants, books and artisan gardenware.

Experts– Access to specialist knowledge and tips direct from growers.

Panel discussions – Join in lively debates with industry leaders.

Participate - Stimulate your creativity with hands-on experiences. Children and families most welcome!

Growing Friends Plant Sale - Buy plants propagated from Melbourne Botanic Gardens

Plant creche - Shop all day, use the plant creche: gold coin donation.

Food and Beverage - Treat yourself to a delicious lunch! Piggery Coffee Trailer, Benny Burger and Jardin Tan.

Proceeds from this event assist the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria to engage people in rich plant learning and science programs, toward our vision of a healthy planet and flourishing community.

Supported by the Diggers Garden and Environment Trust


Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October 2017
10am to 4pm


Southern Cross and Observatory Lawns

Birdwood Avenue, South Yarra 

Melbourne Botanic Gardens
Near Jardin Tan Restaurant


$15.00 including all talks, children under 16yr free entry.  click here

Presenters at the Botanic & Rare Plant Fair 2017

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This weekend! 10am - 4pm 

Melbourne Botanic Gardens,

Southern Cross and Observatory Lawns

Birdwood Avenue, South Yarra 

Near Jardin Tan Restaurant

Program Saturday 21st October 2017

Growing new directions for small spaces

10.30am - 11.30am

Rising housing costs mean smaller homes and gardens. We discuss greening the balcony and courtyard. Special guest speaker Indira Naidoo, author of The Edible City

Searching for Australia's garden identity

12pm - 1pm

Where do Australian gardeners find their inspiration and what typifies Australian garden style? Do we still search overseas for our gardening inspiration and identity? How long will it take to find our own gardening expression?

Designing the Australian landscape of the future

2pm - 3pm

What is the role of landscape design in the future of our cities? What do we mean by landscape succession? The future according to Australia’s best known designers…

Program Sunday 22nd October 2017

Fiddle Leaves, Fashion and the future of gardening

10.30am - 11.30am

Presented by Stuart Burns.

Have Humans lost control of their food supply? Discussions about growing and eating.

12pm - 1pm 

Where does our food come from? We need to talk about reconnecting with growing so we can survive. Humans are the only species to lose control of their food supply, will we survive? Hear the perspectives from growers, activists and chefs

Can we plant enough trees to make Melbourne liveable?

2pm - 3pm
What green spaces do we need to plant now for our city's future lungs?

Stallholders both days 2017

Speciality Perennial Nurseries

♦ Antique Perennials

♦ Country Farm Perennials

♦ The Diggers Club

♦ Post Office Farm

♦ Victorian Salvia Study Group

♦ White House Nursery

♦ Yellow House Heritage Perennials

Rare Trees, shrubs, succulents and climbers

♦ Alameda Homestead Nursery

♦ The Diggers Club

♦ Hannemenn Roses

♦ The Jindivick Country Gardener

♦ Merrywood Plants

♦ Yamina Rare Plants

♦ Sun Valley Plants Nursery

♦ Vanderbyl Vireya Nursery

♦ Ausplants

♦ Vaughan’s Australian Plants

Collectable Orchids, Ferns and Bromeliads

♦ The Hanging Garden

♦ Triffid Park - Carnivorous and water plants

Bulbs, seeds and more

♦ The Diggers Club

♦ Fitzroy Nursery

♦ Drewitt's Bulbs

♦ Botanica Garden Tours

♦ F.D. Ryan Toolmakers

♦ Morris Outside

♦ Florilegium Garden Books

♦ Seedscape

♦ Verilywood Artisan Tools

♦ Wormlovers

♦ Wired for Living

♦ Backyard Honey

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