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Diggers Workshops

Sharpen your skills at Diggers garden workshops.

Led by our garden experts and special guests, our workshops are held regularly at our four locations, and focus on a wide range of essential gardening topics, techniques and skills, as well as on specific plants and tasks to suit the season.

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St Erth



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Resources, information and advice to help you understand why bees are important and how you can attract them into your garden.

Companion Planting

How to use companion planting to help protect your crops and help control pests and diseases


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Garden Advice

Garden Advice

Growing Tomatoes

Articles and tips on growing tomatoes, including heirloom tomato varieties.

How to Grow Avocados in Australia

Avocados aren't just for tropical climates. Discover cool climate avocado varieties, and find out all you need to know about growing avocados in your own backyard.

How to grow garlic

All you need to know about how to grow garlic in your own backyard. From planting, harvest, storage and growing zone information, through to planting videos, downloadable garlic facts sheet and more. Buy garlic online.

How To Grow Potatoes. Hints and Tips for the Backyard Gardener

Learn how to grow potatoes from the experts. Get practical hints and tips for growing delicious heirloom and gourmet potatoes in your own backyard or tatey bag.

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Media Room

Media resources for The Diggers Club and the Diggers Garden and Environment Trust


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The most fragrant of all the lavenders, 'Grosso' produces an abundance of violet-blue spikes with a high oil content. This is the classic lavender for perfume, decorating the French countryside where it is farmed en masse. 'Grosso' is heat, drought and frost tolerant and adored by bees.
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A collection of must have Digger's herbs for the gardener who loves to cook. Includes one each of Mint, Stevia sugar plant, Rosemary Tuscan Blue, varigated sage, Golden Marjoram, Greek Oregano, Vietnamese Mint, Common and Lemon Thyme. This collection will equip the Digger's gardener with herbs for all cuisines once they step out of the garden an...
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2yr membership +FREE vegie seeds
2yr membership +FREE vegie seeds
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Grow the best tasting vegies with free Beetroot'Bulls blood', Carrot 'St Valery', Broccoli 'Romanesco' and Silverbeet 'Fordhook' seeds (one packet of each, valued at $21).
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