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What to do in the garden


Autumn officially begins this month, but the true seasonal changes will be felt next month. Prepare for major planting now, ready for the milder days of autumn.

Autumn is the best season for establishing most plants, this includes ordering and preparing for bare root trees and roses, and of course, your spring bulbs.

The better prepared your soil, the better your plants will grow and the more tolerant they will be to adverse weather conditions. Add organic matter (compost and manure), apply rockdust and biochar to add trace elements, improve moisture retention and encourage microbial activity.

Gather your supplies like stakes, stretchy plant ties and trellising if required, and fertilise your existing plants.

Start cutting back perennials that have finished flowering, and make your way through the garden tidying up after summer, and replenishing mulch while plants are accessible. Composted material from early summer should be applied to the garden, and these clippings can then form the basis of your next compost heap.

Harvest pumpkins as the stems dry. Always leave part of the stem, but resist the urge to carry them by this "handle" as once broken, they will not store as well.

Seeds to Sow Now

Seeds to sow this month if you live in areas like MelbournePerthSydneyAdelaide and inland NSW or places that have between 21 and 38 weeks a year above 15°C.


Sow now

Asparagus, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, chervil, chives,

choko, coriander, garlic, kale, leek, lettuce, lettuce, mint, onion, parsnip, peas, radish, silverbeet, spring onion.

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Things to do in December

Tidy up berry canes

Cane fruits need to be well managed. If not, they will make an unruly mess in the garden and the fruit will be harder to pick. They will be growing rapidly now, so weave or tie wayward canes back into their trellis system

Protect young fruit

Fruits like nectarines, almonds, peaches and cherries will be forming now. Netting trees now will save fruits from birds, who have a knack of feeding on fruit crops before we do!

Look after your pot plants

The sun is beginning to have more of a kick to it now and plants growing in containers can be more susceptible to heat damage than those in the ground. Move any plants that dislike full sun into a semi shaded position to keep them going over summer.

Vegie Garden Basics

Learn how to create a vegie garden from scratch with our Horticulutral Advisor Julie Willis.

This article includes: 

- location

- soil

- nutrients

- what to grow

- crop rotation and more. 


Vegetable Growing Tips

Starting a vegetable garden

- Choose an area that gets full sun and is not too far away from your house. The mid-winter dash to the vegie patch will be easier! 

- A good, healthy soil is the foundation to success so focus on improving the soil before you do any plantings. 

- Know what to sow, when to sow and how. Every vegetable seed has its own growing requirements. We offer a beautiful heirloom Seed Sowing Guide here and our 2018 Gardeners Diary with space for seed packets, garden plans and notes here

How to sow seeds

How to improve your vegie garden soil

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