Tropical Zone - hot humid summers

What to do in the garden


With the ongoing rainy weather, the focus is on minimising fungal disease outbreaks. Plant vegetables at adequate spacings so as to allow adequate ventilation between crops as they mature. Keep up regular applications of fertiliser to ensure plants are healthy and less inclined to pest and disease issues and that your produce is juicy, sweet and succulent.

As the rainy weather starts to ease, you can consider sowing a few more Asian and European leafy vegetables.

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Seeds to Sow Now

Seeds to sow now if you live in areas like BroomeDarwin and Townsville, or places where there are 47+ weeks a year or more with temperatures over 15°C and high summer rainfall.


Sow now

Basil, capsicum, chilli, choko, coriander, corn, eggplant, okra.

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Also plant: amaranth/Chinese spinach, basella (Malabar spinach),  capsicum/chili, chicory/radicchio, collards, choy sum, cucumber, daikon, edamame, endive, Ethiopian/African cabbage, green beans, jicama (yam bean), kale, kailan (Hong Kong broccoli), kohl rabi, lablab bean (poor man’s bean), lagos spinach, leek, lettuce (Asian and looseleaf European), lima bean, luffa, mustard greens, NZ spinach/Warrigal greens, pak choy/bok choy, perilla, pigeon pea, pumpkin, purslane, radish, rosella, silverbeet, tatsoi, tomato, (cherry, currant, Scorpio, Thai egg, Tommy toe), zucchini.

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Things to do in September

Prepare your vegetable garden beds

Now that the temperatures are rising, it's time to prepare for your spring vegetable plant out. Weed your bed, dig in a good manure, preferably sheep or well rotted chicken manure, dig in and mulch.

Prepare your watering system

Be prepared before summer starts, to have an easy and reliable watering system in place to look after your crops while you are away. Dripper lines, and water timers are critical to regular watering which ensures even growth and plentiful harvest.

Watch for bugs

It's not just gardeners that look forward to spring, bug are moving about now to feast on tasty new growth and sap. Aphids will begin appearing on soft new growth and are easily combated with a soapy water spray. Snails will make a meal of any newly planted seedlings so set traps for these too. 

Vegie Garden Basics

Learn how to create a vegie garden from scratch with our Horticulutral Advisor Julie Willis.

This article includes: 

- location

- soil

- nutrients

- what to grow

- crop rotation and more. 


Vegetable Growing Tips

Starting a vegetable garden

- Choose an area that gets full sun and is not too far away from your house. The mid-winter dash to the vegie patch will be easier! 

- A good, healthy soil is the foundation to success so focus on improving the soil before you do any plantings. 

- Know what to sow, when to sow and how. Every vegetable seed has its own growing requirements. We offer a beautiful heirloom Seed Sowing Guide here and a 2018 Gardeners Diary with space for seed packets, garden plans and notes here.

How to sow seeds

How to plant Tomato Seedlings

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