Online store and delivery remain open during Stage 4 restrictions.  Members, enjoy free postage on orders over $150 until Sep 30.

Online store and delivery remain open during Stage 4 restrictions.  Members, enjoy free postage on orders over $150 until Sep 30.

Tropical Zone - hot humid summers

What to do in the garden


The warmer weather is here, but there are still a couple more months until the ‘wet’ arrives and this provides time to grow a few vegetables that dislike the wetter conditions. However all vegetables will need regular moisture so, ensure beds receive adequate irrigation and keep a thin layer of mulch topped up.

Continue to strip out the last of the ‘winter’ vegetables as they start to lose vigour or bolt. You will need plenty of space for planting as many of the plants you sow now will continue to produce for the next six to nine months.

Now is the time to concentrate on tropical vegetables from South-east Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, Africa and South America. They love the warmer weather and most will thrive once the rains come. 

As you strip out beds, do a pH test. Add garden lime to beds that have a pH of less than 7 and gypsum to beds that have a pH of over 7. Not only does this adjust the pH to ensure minerals are available to your plants, but it provides calcium, which is essential to plant growth and a strong leaf epidermis. Two or three weeks later add composted organic matter, balanced ground rock minerals (rockdust) and a balanced organic or biological fertiliser to ensure  all essential minerals are provided. Well nourished plants are much less susceptible to pest and disease issues. Due to the rapid growth in the tropics, you will need to feed “little and often”, on a weekly or bimonthly basis to keep plants in full production. 

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Seeds to Sow Now

Seeds to sow now if you live in areas like BroomeDarwin and Townsville, or places where there are 47+ weeks a year or more with temperatures over 15°C and high summer rainfall.


Sow now:  Amaranth, basil, beans, cabbage, capsicum, chilli, choko, coriander, corn, cucumber, kailaan, kale, kohlrabi, leek, lettuce, mizuna, mustard greens, okra, pak choy, parsley, radish, spinach, spring onion, squash, tatsoi, zucchini.

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Vegetable Growing Tips

Starting a vegetable garden

- Choose an area that gets full sun and is not too far away from your house. The mid-winter dash to the vegie patch will be easier! 

- A good, healthy soil is the foundation to success so focus on improving the soil before you do any plantings. 

- Know what to sow, when to sow and how. Every vegetable seed has its own growing requirements. We offer a beautiful heirloom Seed Sowing Guide here and a 2018 Gardeners Diary with space for seed packets, garden plans and notes here.

How to sow seeds

How to improve your soil naturally

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