Updates on order delivery and store closures. Learn more.

Updates on order delivery and store closures. Learn more.

Ordering live plants - A complete garden in the mail!

Over the years we have learnt through experience what plants need to succeed in Australian gardens. In all our magazines, in our Garden Shops and online, we present this information to help you when selecting the best plants for your garden.
With many Australian gardeners facing regular drought and hot, dry summers, perhaps the most important criteria for plant selection is a plant’s water requirement.
Ever since the 1983 drought we have determined the drought tolerance of our plants by testing them in low-water conditions in our trial gardens. That’s over 30 years of experience in selecting the best plants for Australian conditions.
We devised the ‘drip’ categories for our plants 25 years ago, so that you can have confidence with every plant we list today. 60% of our flowering garden plants are ‘one-drippers’ and 97% are either one or two drips, so if you follow our advice, you can create a beautiful garden without wasting precious water.

Diggers Pot Sizes (L-R) - Fruit Pot, Super Tube, Midi Pot & Tree Tube


We’ve been growing plants and sending them Australia-wide via the post for 20 years and we’ve learned a thing or two about handling young plants, guaranteeing their success and helping you create an exceptional garden.

Plants don’t like being in a box!

They have been denied light and water while in transit, so now that they’ve reached their new home you need to …


Note that some plants (herbaceous perennials) have perennial roots and annual stems that go dormant. These plants are identified with a green ‘I AM DORMANT’ label. They might have some brown leaves or no leaves at all in winter, but don’t worry, they will regenerate new stems in spring.

What our customers say...

"Today my Diggers plants, fruit trees and seeds arrived. It was my first live plant order and I have been so nervous about its safe arrival. Well, I couldn't believe how well they all looked on arrival. So lovingly packaged, such care taken. Thank you so much Diggers."

"As I was unwrapping each little plant, I was already dreaming of what to get next - looking forward to the Annual Catalogue and dreams of Spring/Summer. So to Packer 5 and all the crew at Diggers ...Thanks! x"

"Fabulous to deal with, extremely helpful. Had my starter pack of goodies in the mail in record time. Prompt responses to emails. Able to do everything online, but with a really warm, personal feel to it. Shelley"

"Thank you so very much for my first order with The Diggers Club! Beautifully packaged and super quick delivery! I am so glad that I got a 2 year membership! Thanks again!"

Watering information

One Drip: Drought tolerant (once established, these plants will survive in areas with 500mm annual rainfall or less without additional water).

Two Drips: Seasonal deep watering 3-4 times over a dry summer.

Three Drips: A plant that requires perpetual moisture around its roots.

Sunlight Requirements

Plants and seeds with this icon need Full Sun to thrive.

Plants and seeds with this icon will grow in Full Sun or Part Shade.

Plants and seeds with this icon do best in Full Shade.

Diggers Pot Sizes

Our Midi Pots are 70mm wide at the top and 100mm deep, with an open bottom that helps creates a solid root mass in the pot, allowing for a smooth and successful transition into your garden.

Our Super Tubes are also 70mm wide at the top, but 160mm deep to accommodate large shrubs and trees.

Our premium fruit trees are in a Fruit Pot that is 90mm wide by 180mm deep.

The Complete Guide to our Growing Symbols

The Diggers Club uses a range of symbols in our magazines and on our website to help you choose the right plants for your garden - they give you the information you need to sow your seeds and grow your plants. This is a comprehensive guide to all the symbols we use and what they mean!

More >>


Order online: www.diggers.com.au

Post: PO Box 300, Dromana, VIC, 3936 (don't forget to include your cheque or credit card details)
Phone: 0359847900 (have your product codes and credit card details ready)

ABN 95 112 026 383

Postage and handling charges explained

Postage and handling fees are charged to help us cover processing costs. Your order may arrive all at once or separately depending on availability, this does not affect the amount you will be charged. 

Live plants:
1-10 pots $9.95
11+ pots $19.95

Seed only postage:

Orders including hardware, books, seeds, potatoes or bulbs:

Memberships and renewals (excluding books):

Quarantine surcharge (WA, NT and TAS):


Delivery offset (optional):
Go green! Offset your delivery for 50 cents and help support native reforestation projects around Australia through Greenfleet.  Learn more here...

Buying mail order plants

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2 year membership + Free Seed Sowing Poster and 2 seed packets
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