Tomato Talks & Tips

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Saturday 18 February

This event has now ended - watch the recorded videos below.

Diggers is the home of heirloom tomatoes, and our varieties top the taste and yield tests, from bite sized cherries for salads to our 'Granny Throwing' tomato we can appeal to everybody's taste and purpose! 

Our tomatoes are indeterminate, which means the vine continues to flower and yield fruit over a 12-week period to give you the greatest return on investment. 

Co-founder of the Diggers Club & Foundation, Clive Blazey AM and CEO, Tim Sansom discussed how something as simple as growing a tomato is important to our environment and the best approach to organic growing.

The History of Seed Saving

Clive Blazey, 10 – 11am
Starting in 1993 with the inaugural tomato taste test, Diggers has grown and trialled tomatoes every year since.

Join Clive as he talks about Diggers’ history in the heirloom seed movement in Australia and why preserving these precious heirlooms is so important. 

Seed Saving Demonstration

Tim Sansom, 2 – 3pm
Tim Sansom from The Diggers Foundation shares some of the tips and tricks for growing organic heirloom tomatoes including crop health, maximising fruiting and how to save true-to-type seed for years to come.