Sydney Botanical Gardens Tomato Festival 

The Diggers Club joined the Sydney Botanical Gardens
Tomato Festival LIVE from our Gardens 

As Sydney Botanical Gardens was not able to host the Tomato Festival 2022 at their gardens this year we joined them virtually from our Diggers garden. Watch the videos below!

Diggers is the home of heirloom tomatoes, and our varieties top the taste and yield tests, from bite sized cherries for salads to our 'Granny Throwing' tomato we can appeal to everybody's taste and purpose! Our tomatoes are indeterminate, which means the vine continues to flower and yield fruit over a 12-week period to give you the greatest return on investment. 

Co-founder of the Diggers Club & Foundation, Clive Blazey AM and CEO, Tim Sansom discussed how something as simple as growing a tomato is important to our environment and the best approach to organic growing.

Clive Blazey 

Clive is a leading opponent of genetically modified seeds and the commoditisation of our supermarket driven food supply. His recently released book "We Speak for the Trees" is a gardener’s guide to achievable solutions for this global climate change crisis. Planting trees and gardening sustainably are some of the simplest solutions for carbon drawdown - start by planting a tomato!   

Tim Sansom

Live from Diggers organically certified gardens lean about growing tomatoes organically as well as some general organic gardening tips, advice, and benefits.