Here at The Diggers Club, we welcome the opportunity to work with the community to foster a love of gardening in children and increase wellbeing through shared gardens. It is because of this that we offer special discounts to schools, community gardens and non-profit groups as part of our Community Membership Program. 
Diggers Club members automatically receive a substantial discount on retail prices, and we are proud to offer the following further reductions to our Diggers Community Membership Program partners. 

Club Membership Full price ($59 for 1yr, $79 for 2yrs, $159 for 5yrs)
Seeds 20% off
Plants, Hardware and Books 20% off
Bulbs, Garlic and Potatoes 20% off


Your Diggers orders need to be placed directly with our Customer Service team (we are not able to offer this service via our retail shops or website). For more information, please get in touch with us on the below email.


We look forward to welcoming you to the Diggers Club and our Community Membership Program.