Olive Preserving

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Late Autumn is the perfect time to pick and cure olives. Whether you've grown them yourself or have foraged them from neighbourhood trees it is time to learn all the wonderful ways to brine and cure your olives. Neighbourhood trees are packed full of fruit at the moment, and in the interest of minimising food waste, we want to teach you our recipe for naturally fermenting olives.

There are many ways to cure olives, but the essential thing is to extract the bitter chemicals from them when just picked. You can do this by curing them in water, brining them, dry salting them or salt and then smoking them... there are so many options! Join us for a special olive curing workshop with Mount Zero olives, General Manager and olive expert, Richard Seymour who will guide you through his favoured preservation techniques.

What you will need to bring:
1-5kgs of olives (harvest your backyard, ask a neighbour, or forage!)

We will provide:
All other ingredients, including Mount Zero Pink Lake salt, a curing bucket, 2x recipes/olive curing methods to practice at home.

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Your Presenter

Mount Zero Olives is a family owned olive grove three hours west of Melbourne on the northern edge of the Grampians National Park in Victoria, Australia. Commitment to flavour, sustainable farming and a passion for quality ingredients defines Mount Zero and all that we gather. Richard Seymour has been managing the Mount Zero family business since 2005.

Richard has a passion for locally grown and produced food and has 25 years experience in growing, fermenting or milling olives and extra virgin olive oil. Richard has a particular passion for naturally fermented table olives.

The Location

Featuring over 4 acres of food, cottage and bush gardens each season provides different delights and inspiration to both experienced and aspiring gardeners. The gardens are filled with plants which thrive in central Victoria’s cold winters and hot dry summers. A huge range of daffodils, hellebores and other flowering bulbs bring the garden to life in spring.

Visitors can admire the colour and beauty of our perennial flower borders throughout summer and autumn with hardy, long flowering perennials creating an amazing cottage garden display amongst our Australian bush setting.

The Garden has been certified organic since 2008 and Digger’s range of perennials, bulbs and heirloom vegetables are grown at St Erth using the best organic methods. Seasonal produce from our kitchen gardens is served at St Erth café throughout the year.

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Olive Preserving

12 May 2024

The Garden of St Erth (Blackwood)

Sunday 10am - 11:30am

Limited tickets, don't miss out.

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